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Waste management doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking hassle: get a tailored collection schedule, flexible contracts and paperwork to prove your compliance.

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How can Direct365 help your Office?

We’re dedicated to helping offices create a safe and convenient work environment at the best price. We compare suppliers for a range of services – including waste management, washroom facilities, safety services and more – to create a bespoke package for your office. Compliance is our speciality; by trusting in us, you can be sure that your office adheres to up-to-date UK regulations without any stress or hassle.

Thanks to the comprehensive range of services we have to offer, we’re able to be your one-stop-shop for essential workplace facilities and supplies. Check out our specialities below to learn about the various ways we can keep your office compliant.

Waste Management isn’t optional, it’s the law. Office waste may involve a variety of things, a lot of which must be disposed of in line with environmental regulations. With help from Direct365, this doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking hassle.

We’ll handle all waste types under the same service, giving your office unbeatable convenience at the best price – including:

Get a tailored collection schedule and flexible contracts – call 0800 612 9588 or enquire online today!

Clean, well-stocked and convenient washrooms are a must in any office environment. Keeping your washrooms up to standard means having the right supplies (like soaps, toilet paper, paper towels and vending products), useful facilities (like dispensers, air fresheners and hand dryers) and regular services (like nappy and sanitary waste disposal).

At Direct365, we handle all these things and more. Get every aspect of your office’s washroom sorted in one place, from competitively priced hand dryers to sanitary waste bins and collections. For more information and a free, no-obligation quote, enquire online or call  0800 612 9588.

Under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order, offices must keep fire safety facilities in working order. At Direct365, we offer services for fire hazard prevention, keeping offices compliant and safe.

  • Fire Extinguishers – these must be maintained and tested to ensure they’re working to legal standards and should be serviced at least once a year
  • Fire Alarms – alarms can deteriorate by collecting dirt, losing battery life or through general faults, so it’s crucial to get their condition checked on a regular basis
  • Emergency Lighting – emergency lights need to be tested to British standards so they can be relied upon to lead people to safety

Your premises may be equipped with all these things, but when was the last time you had them checked? Do you know for certain that your safety systems are working properly and could you prove this? For peace of mind, call 0800 612 9588 or enquire online to get your servicing sorted today.

The Electricity at Work Regulations require offices to have a record of safety measures in place to prevent electrical hazards and accidents. At Direct365, we offer portable appliance testing (PAT) and fixed wire testing for any size office, with free Duty of Care paperwork to prove your legal compliant with ease.

The most common causes of electrical hazards and injuries in offices include faulty or defective equipment and unsafe installation. Our qualified and accredited technicians will keep your equipment in safe working order, with minimum disruption to your office.

Our cost-friendly electrical safety services are hassle-free and comprehensive, so enquire online or call 0800 612 9588 today for a free quote.

We’ve serviced hundreds of offices nationwide with our ever-growing range of specialist services. Whatever you need to keep your business safe and compliant, we’ve got it.

Browse more of our essential supplies and services below – and remember, we always price compare to get you the best deal.

Get in touch for more information on the services we offer and to find out exactly what your Office needs.

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