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Commercial Pest Control Services

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Commercial Pest Control Services
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Pests can ruin a business. An infestation brings about contamination and destruction of both physical surroundings and of a company’s reputation. Investing in Direct365’s trusted Commercial Pest Control service keeps your business safe from the risks of rodents, insects and birds.

Our Intelligent Pest Management is transforming Pest Control by providing innovative and cost-effective techniques, including our approved use of drones for aerial surveys (perfect for high-rise buildings!). We provide real-time information to reduce risk, optimise hygiene and exceed safety audit standards. See the links below for information on pest types and control methods.

Our Pest Management specialists build relationships with each client for an integrated approach to keeping your business pest-free. Professional communication means you can follow the advised preventative measures with ease. Pest Control needn’t be a pain with Direct365 – we’re hassle-free, competitive and discreet, so call now for your free quote!

Insects can be a nightmare for your business; from a few annoying flies to a nest of stinging wasps, not only can bugs be off-putting but they can be a serious health hazard too. Just one cockroach is often enough to put a customer off a restaurant for life, and a bed bug infestation can ruin your hotel. We'll keep you protected from insects and bugs!

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Around 1 in 4 people in the UK are terrified of rats and mice, so if you have a rodent problem it’s best to get it under control. Fast. Rodents are renowned for carrying all sorts of diseases that can be transmitted to humans and cause ill health.

We have equipment and expertise (traps to sniffer dogs) ready to get rid of these unsanitary pests.

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Feeding the birds is a traditional pastime, but over the years this has led to huge numbers of feral pigeons and gulls. They can damage your business with acidic droppings, pester your customers and spread diseases like Salmonella and E. coli. 

We'll safely and effectively get your bird problem under control. Find out more below.

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Many pest problems could actually be avoided altogether with some help from the professionals!
As the old saying goes, "prevention is always better than the cure".

Our Pest Environment Management focuses on the cause of pest problems and tackles them to prevent serious issues occurring.

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