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Bespoke Personalised Floor Mats

Bespoke Personalised Floor Mats
  • Laundering options available
    Get a hassle-free cleaning and replacement service to suit your needs
  • Safety and style
    Keep floors smart, clean and slip-free with our range of design and safety features
  • Call us for an instant quote
    It's free! Call for more information and an instant, no-obligation quote
  • Highest quality products
    You won't be disappointed! Our mats are some of the best quality on the market
  • Hazard prevention
    Avoid slips, trips and falls - being safe never looked so good
  • Nationwide coverage
    You can get our high quality services no matter where you are in the UK

Hygiene mats

During the COVID-19 crisis you can never have too many reminders for safe practices. Basic hygiene is crucial to prevent the spread of viruses, so we’ve created mats to bring attention to this.

Remind staff and visitors to wash their hands or sanitise properly with our hygiene floor mats, suitable for a range of areas in all sorts of workplaces. Remember, simple messages like these can help to save lives.

What’s more, you can keep your mats clean and pristine with our advanced laundering service, which removes all moisture, dirt and grit for an ultra-hygienic result.

All businesses should be equipped with high quality mats helping to keep floors clean, well maintained and risk-free whilst looking good.

At Direct365, we provide floorcare solutions to various types of companies, improving hygiene, health and safety from the front door and beyond.

With nationwide availability, we’ll deliver suitable mats to your premises no matter what industry your business is in. From entrance mats to logo mats, you can trust in our products to transform your floors.

Get in touch on 0800 612 9588 for more information and a quick quote!

At Direct365, our loose and fitted mats come in a range of specialist designs with anti-fatigue, drainage and heavy duty features. We’re a friend of small businesses too, so we always provide good value and a bespoke service to suit any needs.

Mats are a first line of defence against accidents around entrance ways or other hazardous areas. Efforts to create a safer environment benefit any type of business, so it’s worth protecting your workplace and investing in safe floorcare. Our hardwearing products are the top choice for your business thanks to limitless design opportunities and a Royal Warrant – there really is no better choice when it comes to professional floorcare.

We also offer hassle-free mat-cleaning services to keep your floorcare in top shape; our professional specialists can handle the pick-up and re-installation of all mats on site so you can focus on running your business.

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