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Commercial Storage Crate Hire

Commercial Storage Crate Hire
  • Partnership with Teacrate
    We use a leading UK provider with years of commercial experience
  • Competitive pricing - 10% off!
    We give you value for money, use discount code "Direct10" at Teacrate checkout
  • Next-day delivery available
    Get in-stock crates from our countrywide network of service centres ASAP
  • Secure and robust
    Our tough, polypropylene crates provide top protection for the items inside
  • Bespoke industry service
    We’ll supply a package perfectly tailored to any type or size of business
  • Nationwide availability
    Our national fleet of delivery vehicles service companies across the UK

Stair carry crate


Our Stair Carry Crate makes transporting items easy. Medium-sized but smaller than a standard crate, it's ideal for convenient lifting and handling in both business or domestic environments. Suitable for files, papers and desktop items.  

Internal size 500 x 330 x 300mm

External size 600 x 420 x 330mm


Standard crate

The Standard Lidded Crate is popular for many purposes, particularly office moves. Tough, durable, weatherproof and designed to store ten lever arch files. It offers a generous amount of space whilst still being conveniently movable when full.

Internal size 590 x 370 x 340mm

External size 710 x 460 x 370mm



Metre crateChoose a Lidded Metre Crate for moving items like books, shelves or filing systems. This crate has an additional integrated lid for added protection and security. Like all our crates, this size model can be stacked when full or nested together when empty. 

Internal size 1000 x 330 x 340

External size 1160 x 480 x 320




Small Office Move

The “OFF10” bundle is ideal for offices with up to 10 staff. It includes 10 rental Standard Lidded Crates, as well as 20 security seals, 10 moving address labels and a roll of bubble wrap.  






Mixed Small Office Move

Mixed Small Office Move

The “MIXED1” bundle caters to office moves with up to 20 staff. Including the rental of 20 Standard Lidded Crates and 5 One Metre Lidded Crates, you’ll also get 50 security seals, 25 moving address labels and a roll of bubble wrap. 






Small Office Computer MoveSmall Office Computer Move

The “CPU1” bundle is perfect for an office move with up to 25 staff. The rented crates in this bundle include 25 Standard Lidded Crates and 25 Flat Screen Computer Crates. It also contains a sack barrow, 25 computer bubble bags, 100 security seals and 50 moving address labels.






At Direct365, we've partnered with Teacrate to offer competitive crate hire services to all types of businesses across the UK. Storage crates are popular for reorganisation, relocation or refurbishment and help to make the process as easy as possible.

Renting crates for the exact timespan you need helps to minimise costs, and the space-efficient design of our products mean they’re able to be nested when empty and stacked when full – so no clutter! Because crates are returnable packaging, they can be re-used and deliver more economic, environmental and social benefits than throw-away boxes, meaning your business can save money and boast green initiatives.

You can choose from a variety of crate types, get the exact number you want, and we’ll deliver and collect them at a time to suit you (no need to worry about storing them when they’re no longer needed). Renting is our leading commercial service, but our crates can also be available to buy, so it’s worth talking to our friendly customer care team and finding the best option for you.

Whether you’re in food processing, retail or refurbishment, our crates can help with removals and storage of all sorts of items and are specially designed to securely hold contents whilst protecting them from damage. Let us meet any demand you have – enquire online or call us today on 0800 612 9588 for more information and a free, no-obligation quote!

Not only are we a leading UK provider with years of experience, we also offer competitive pricing whilst keeping to high industry standards in quality and service. Whatever the size or location of your business, we can support you – choose from a product range with different purposes and capacities and you’re sure to get clean, quality crates ready for immediate use.

Get nationwide delivery as quickly as possible so you can meet any tight deadlines, including timed deliveries and same day or emergency deliveries (or choose from our click and collect option to pick up crates from our seven UK depots!). Crate washing services are also available to clean and quality-check all types of packaging, including multi-purpose crates, trays, boxes and pallets.

We’re a friend of small businesses, so you can get any number you want on stocked items rather than be tied down by minimum order quantities – and you’re guaranteed a professional and hassle-free service, because our processes are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 accredited. What’s more, at the end of their long-serving lives, all of our crates are 100% recyclable. For crate package deals tailored to your needs, Direct365 are the perfect choice.

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