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We compare 100+ suppliers

We compare 100+ suppliers

We browse reliable suppliers nationwide to find the most suitable deal for your business

Consignment note included

Consignment note included

Get the relevant paperwork for free every time we collect from your business

Legally compliant

Legally compliant

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing our service keeps you compliant to current UK laws

Hazardous waste experts

Hazardous waste experts

We have years of experience in safely and legally managing hazardous waste

Hazardous Waste Disposal

For businesses that deal with hazardous waste, it’s important to think about how much is being made and the quality of the company that is dealing with the hazardous waste disposal. This waste can be dangerous and needs to be stored and disposed of safely to ensure there’s no human contamination. In simple terms, staff or the general public could become ill if hazardous waste isn’t disposed of correctly. If your business deals with clinical and hazardous waste, you need a reliable waste disposal provider. One like Direct365.

Direct365 are the small business experts and we’re specialists in workplace essential services like hazardous waste disposal. But why does your company need a legally compliant waste disposer like Direct365 for clinical waste disposal?

Legally, you must dispose of this waste properly, with disposal in general waste not being legally compliant. Hazardous waste collection is a necessity, and hazardous waste disposal needs to be done in a specific way in order to completely reduce human risk.

For a reliable and safe solution to hazardous waste, choose Direct365.

Waste bags made of 97% recycled content

All our bags used to collect and dispose of offensive and clinical waste are made of a minimum of 97% recycled content.

Aim to see 95% of waste we dispose avoid landfill

We aim to see 95% of the waste we dispose avoid landfill, creating a more sustainable process for the waste we are responsible for.

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What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste collection covers a large range of substances, so much so that it can be difficult to understand what exactly is classed as this type of waste. While this can include chemincal waste, the overarching definition of hazardous waste is any waste material that poses a threat to human life or the environment. So chemical waste and pharmaceutical wastes are all included. Companies such as tattoo parlours, beauty salons, care providers, medical practices and more will often need hazardous waste collection from a trusted source to keep them compliant.

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Why Choose Direct365 for Hazardous Waste Disposal?

Choosing Direct365 for hazardous waste collection is choosing a company with years of experience with dangerous waste. We understand that small businesses have a responsibility to dispose of their waste correctly, and chemical waste is no different. In many ways, it’s more important because of the harm to health that can accompany it. Working with an experienced service provider will keep you compliant and safe. And that’s what Direct365 provides.

Our friendly team are always available to help you find the right service. Our UK based customer service and sales’ teams are trained to give customers the help and guidance that will improve how you operate. Speaking to them will feel like speaking to an extra member of your team. For hazardous waste disposal services, choose Direct365.

What Hazardous Waste We Can Dispose Of?

What Hazardous Waste We Can Dispose Of?

Direct365 have years of experience disposing of hazardous waste, with our suppliers vetted to ensure they’re legally compliant and trustworthy for hazardous waste collection. For a greater example of exactly what we collect, see below:

  • Solvents
  • Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Petrol
  • Gas bottles
  • Aerosols
  • Grease products
  • Contaminated soil

This is not an exhaustive list, and any type of waste you are unsure of how to dispose, our friendly, knowledgeable team can help. Call us now on 0800 612 9688 for advice or to arrange a hazardous waste collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dispose of hazardous substances?

Hazardous substances should always be disposed of separately from your general waste. That’s because hazardous waste is potentially dangerous to humans and the environment. To properly dispose of this waste, you need a specific bin and a waste collector legally authorised to dispose of dangerous waste. A provider like Direct365. Our suppliers collect your waste and treat it through incineration, which detoxifies the waste and destroys it.

How do you legally dispose of hazardous waste?

Legally disposing of hazardous waste must be done by a provider that has an environmental permit that allows allows them to dispose of this type of waste. For businesses, this waste must be disposed of in the correct bin, and not mixed with general waste.

Where in the UK can I get hazardous waste collection?

Direct365 can collect your hazardous waste from anywhere in the UK. We work with licensed providers from the top of Scotland to the bottom of England, to ensure that you get the best price and the best service exactly what you want it. Some of our locations include:

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