Finding a hand dryer for any setting can be difficult. There are so many to choose from and when you see the range of prices and levels of functionality, it can all seem a bit of a blur. But believe it or not, there are better machines for different settings. There is a difference between a public washroom that gets very little footfall, and a football stadium that has heavy footfall. Direct365 are in a unique position to let you know exactly which hand dryers are ideal for which setting. And in this blog, we’re looking at the best hand dryers for schools.


What to look for in Hand Dryers for Schools?

Typically, school washrooms will have heavy footfall six or seven times a day and are extremely quiet for the rest of the time. For this level of use, you need a drier that is robust and fast drying, because it gets hammered by students during lunch times and in between lessons, but lays sat barely used for the rest of the time. It’s a unique type of venue, and only similar in a sense to high footfall performance venues.

As well as being robust and fast drying, it’s ideal to look for something easy to use – hands under, preferably – and where possible, low noise. For primary schools especially, children might get spooked from some of the large driers that make lots of noise.


Are Hand Dryers Expensive to Run?

Hand dryers vary slightly in their cost to run. While energy costs are the main factor, some more powerful dryers use more energy. But the market is changing, and there are more eco-friendly machines available than before. These dryers reduce the cost for the user.

While it’s hard to give a round about figure for the cost of a hand dryer, what’s clear is that they are much cheaper than the alternative: paper towels. To buy and use one hand dryer for a year will be a markedly lower cost than buying and replenishing paper towels on a monthly basis.


Are Hand Dryers Cheaper than Paper Towels?

Over the space of a year, a hand dryer will be much cheaper than buying the equivalent stock of paper towels for any venue, never mind a school. The initial purchases of hand dryers may set you back a bit, but as soon as you start replenishing paper towels, the cost starts to skyrocket. So, it pays to use hand dryers in your school. For hygiene, cleanliness and for your wallet.


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Cheap Hand Dryers for Schools Under £100

If you’re looking for a budget hand dryer for your schools for under £100, we have a few options available. While dryers differ in effectiveness the more or less you pay, all of our appliances are effective for drying hands, they just may take a little longer. But for those on a budget, they fit the bill. Here’s our top two:


HYCO Hurricane 1.8kw Automatic Hand Dryer in White

This stylish, budget hand dryer is ideal for a school premises looking to reduce what they spend but get a reliable hand drying solution for their site. Suitable for high footfall areas and with a dry time of approx. 20 seconds, it describes as ideal for a school. With the added bonus of a vandal resistant metal coating, that’s ideal for when the students get a little bit over-enthusiastic in the washroom.


C21 Budget Hand Dryer White ABS

Another wonderful choice, this budget dryer from C21 is slightly slower than the above at approx. 30 second dry time, but is equally slick and stylish, and comes in at half of the budgeted amount (£48). An automatic dryer better suited to lower usage, it would be ideal for a disabled washroom or a washroom with lower footfall, in age-specific areas of the school or elsewhere.


Cheap Hand Dryers for Schools Under £150

We know that the offering above might not suit all buyers. So, our slightly higher budget options are still reasonably priced but give a bit more choice.


C21 Nozzle Push Button Hand Dryer in Stainless Steel

Another option from C21, this stainless-steel dryer is great for medium footfall schools. The heavy die cast aluminium case gives this machine excellent durability, and the long-life motor means that spending this money now will last longer than alternative models. For a price of just over £100, you can’t go far wrong.


Warner Howard EL600 Ultra Low Energy Hand Dryer (Various Finishes)

One of the best budget dryers out there, this ultra-low energy offering from Warner Howard comes in various finishes, all with an antimicrobial additive to ensure a more hygienic experience. With a fast dry time of just over 15 seconds, this is a great choice coming at a great price.


If you’re not sure where to start, we have a huge selection of hand dryers in a range of finishes to suit any washroom style and decor. If you would still like some help, you can call our customer support team, who can guide you further.

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