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In the event of somebody suffering a cardiac arrest, finding a readily available defibrillator is the only way to help. While calling the emergency services is vital, the initial response from a passer by – and how quick you can find the AED – could be the difference between life or death. That’s why Direct365 are passionate about providing defibrillators at competitive market prices.

At Direct365, we stock a wide range of defibrillators, electrodes and accessories, and offer AEDs from trusted brands such as Zoll, Philips, IPAD, Schiller and more. Our dedication to life saving equipment means we’re serious about the products we sell. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to discuss your options and the different defibrillators on offer.

To ensure your defibrillator is in constant working order we also sell a range of additional accessories. From AED pads, AED training units and batteries, chargers and other accessories. Defibrillators are only helpful if they are ready to use. Having the right equipment and the right replacements will enable you to use the closest defibrillator to save a life.

Got any further questions about defibrillators? Click here to read our complete guide to defibrillators.

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Why choose Direct365 as your supplier for defibrillators?

Direct365 are industry leaders in business essential products and services, and this includes healthcare consumables for businesses. Our company has spent over a decade being the extra member of your team – providing everything from cleaning products to pest control services, waste and safety services. For those services that are important, choose Direct365. Our team of experts are regularly trained to understand which defibrillators are best for which settings. Calling us up with questions is the best way to find the right defib for you.

Shopping for a defibrillator with Direct365 couldn’t be easier. Our price promise will see us match any competitor for the same product, and we offer free delivery on all ordered over £150. Ideal for those buying a defibrillator. The price promises, coupled with our UK sales and customer services teams, makes Direct365 the perfect partner to small businesses across the country. Our defibrillators are price matched and regularly quality assured to guarantee we are one of the leading names on the market, with reliability and trust at our core.

You won’t find a greater selection of defibs anywhere online. Our product team scour the market to ensure we provide the most up to date range, offering both great value and high quality. We stock well know brand names such as Phillips, Zoll and defibtech, all tested to the highest level to ensure safety and effectiveness to patients across the country.


A defibrillator is a medical machine used to shock a heart back into normal rhythm during a cardiac arrest. It’s true that defibrillators can save a life and using one is very easy. The defibrillator will automatically check if the patient needs a shock and talk you through to process of administering one too.

Yes, there are two different types of defibrillators. These are automatic and semi-automated defibrillators. An automatic defibrillator is one that checks and administers the shock without the user needing to press buttons. Semi-automated defibrillators move through the checks themselves, but need the user to press a button in order to shock the patient.

A defibrillator is a machine that can help a correct the heart rhythm of a patient suffering a cardiac arrest. It does this by delivering an electric shock to the heart of the patient via two wired pads placed on the body. This shock can push the heartbeat back into a normal rhythm and bring the patient round into consciousness.

There is no consistent cost for a defibrillator, but a varying cost dependent on the type of features available on each individual defibrillator. There is a price difference between semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators, for example. You’ll also find there’s a change in cost between defibs with visual aids (video) or units with audio aid. Our defibrillators range from £720 ex-VAT right the way through to over £1000 for units with additional features.

Installing a defibrillator doesn’t cost a lot. Depending on where the defibrillator is, you may want to buy a cabinet for it. This will take a small amount of time to install but it shouldn’t cost much, if anything. The cabinets are easy to install and shouldn’t require a handyman.

Defibrillators last between 10 – 15 years, but even this figure can vary depending on use and care taken with the unit. While the defib may last up to 15 years, the batteries and pads last much less than that. Typically, batteries last up to two years (if unused, less if used) and pads must be changed every two years (and will need to be replaced if used).

Defibrillators are built to be used by the untrained public, with all defibs giving instructions on how to use in a medical emergency. Defibrillators are easy machines to use. Read our guide to using a defibrillator from St John Ambulance.

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