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Waste Management in London

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Waste Management in London
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London, Londres, Londen, Rondon, the capital city is known around the world for its famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, The Shard, Buckingham Palace, Millennium Dome/O2 Arena, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, The Underground (oldest underground train network in the world), Hyde Park, Red buses, Black cabs, and the River Thames. The list goes on.

With a population of over 8.6 million, London is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe, with only Moscow and Istanbul above it (though Istanbul is actually in both Europe and Asia). It is estimated that the capital produces around 7m tonnes of waste so it is easy to see why sustainable waste disposal is growing more important by the day. This can be especially overwhelming for businesses who need to ensure that they are disposing of their waste to avoid fine and penalties.

We have over 100 waste providers who we can use to get you the best price around. This saves you the trouble of doing so yourself and letting you run your business. We offer a range of different waste services that can be tailored and scheduled to suit you. We offer different sized bins to suit your waste disposal needs, and can have regular collections that fit around your business opening times. We offer recycling services in addition to our general waste services and we can collect various types of recyclable waste, including cardboard, plastics, aluminium cans, and more.

Recycling is an aspect that London and its boroughs need to improve in. The average percentage of waste produced that is recycled in the UK is 43%. London’s average is a lowly 32%, with it dropping from 34% previously. The four worst councils in the country for waste recycling are all in London: Newham, Westminster, Lewisham, and Barking & Dagenham.

Things have to change if London is to hit the 60% target set by Mayor Sadiq Khan in 2030. You can show to employees, visitors and customers that you care about the effect waste has on the environment, and that you are doing your bit in improving the amount of waste recycled and disposed of efficiently in London.

With London making strides in terms of reducing pollution in the city with things such as the congestion charge, and influencing other cities around the world to implement similar charges, there now needs to be similar progress when it comes to waste disposal. London should set the example for not just the UK, but the whole world.

We also offer a waste sack service accross London city. As the UK goes into an ever-greener direction, general waste sacks are the answer to moving forward and staying sustainable. No matter whether you are a big business or small, we can ensure that you have the most environmentally friendly service around from waste disposal experts. For more information on our waste services, give us a call or fill in a form.

  • 1m businesses in London
  • 12m+ monthly bin collections a year
  • Your nearest recycling centres

    Tower Hamlets Re-use & Recycling Centre
    Yabsley Street,
    E14 9RG

    Regis Road Recycling Centre
    Regis Rd,
    NW5 3EW