Washrooms & Hygiene

We supply a comprehensive range of top quality washroom products, from automatic soap dispensers and paper towels to hand dryers and water saving technology. At Direct365, we have everything you need to keep your washroom clean and well equipped for modern demands.

Our washroom supplies include state-of-the-art automatic hand dryers from Dyson, Mitsubushi and many other top brands, as well as touch-free soap dispensers that will give visitors a pleasant and hygienic experience every time. You’ll also find that we have a great selection of vending machines and supplies to keep your washroom well prepared for the hygiene needs of every guest.

At Direct365 we aim to provide everything that your washroom needs at the lowest price, like our choice of toilet roll dispensers and refills which come in a huge range of sizes, from jumbo/double options all the way through to smaller singular holders. We also supply a huge assortment of essentials supplies that no washroom should be without, including cleaning products, urinal tablets and much more, all at highly affordable prices.

Did you know that we also provide a full range of washroom and hygiene services? Click here or call today to find out how we can help with all of your air freshening, water saving, sanitary waste and nappy disposal needs, and much more!

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