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Hand Dryers

There are plenty of benefits to using a hand dryer as opposed to paper towels. Whilst being much more eco-friendly, commercial hand dryers are also more cost effective. And buying high-quality, cheap hand dryers means more money in your pocket to spend elsewhere in your business.

Direct365 have an extensive range of hand dryers, from quiet hand dryers for smaller premises, to robust, quick drying hand dryers for larger venues. We have them for all types of businesses.

We are also aware that customers are becoming more and more focused on hygiene. That’s why our selection of touch-free, automatic dryers is a popular category for a wide range of buildings, suiting all possible needs. And with thousands of customers trusting Direct365, we’re confident that we’ve got the hand dryer for your business.

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Top Trending Commercial Hand Dryers

Hand dryers by feature

Automatic Hand Dryers


Our automatic hand dryers make drying hands an easy process. The perfect commercial hand dryers for a more hygienic, touch-free washroom.

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Quiet Hand Dryers


If you’re looking for the best hand dryers that don’t make a racket, head to our quiet hand dryers page. An array of low volume dryers for bathrooms of all sizes.

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Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

Eco Friendly

For businesses looking to become more eco-friendly, this should extend to drying hands. For the best dryers for lower energy use, check out our eco-friendly range.

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Fast Drying Hand Dryers

Fast Drying

Looking for a toilet hand dryer with the speed for a high use washroom? Our fast-drying commercial hand dryers are the best option.

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Budget Hand Dryers


Our range of cheap hand dryers are great value for money and high quality too. Cheap hand dryers don’t need to be ineffective, and with ours, you’ll still see a difference. See our budget range today.

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Hands In Hand Dryers

Hands In

Our hands in toilet hand dryers are a newer style of dryer with a more modern design. Larger dryers that require more room, they’re ideal for spacious washrooms.

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Hand Dryers for Disabled Washrooms

Hand Dryers for Disabled Washrooms

Disabled Toilet Hand Dryers are designed with a user-centric approach, these hand dryers are not just functional, but also enhance the overall user experience in disabled toilets. The dryers in this category can be installed in disabled toilets with confidence.

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Hand dryers by brand

  • Airforce


  • Warner Howard

    Warner Howard

  • Xlerator


  • Mitsubishi


  • Airdri


  • Dyson


Hand dryers by location

Public Washrooms

Public Washrooms

Public washrooms need fast drying hand dryers that are accessible to people of all abilities. Direct365 offer a number of high-speed electric dryers that look great and can service high footfall washrooms quickly.

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Depending on the size of your venue, you will need a specific dryer. Quiet dryers are best for small venues, while fast drying, automatic hand dryers are ideal for larger washrooms. Our hospitality range offers options for all businesses.

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Office spaces are legally required to provide hand drying facilities. But the size of your premises and number of employees you have will determine which dryer you need. We have budget dryers for small businesses, or automatic, high-speed hand dryers for larger commercial use.

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Public Venues

Public Venues

These premises will usually need high speed hand dryers that are durable and reliable. Our stock of well-known brands such as Warner Howard, airforce and Dyson offer a range of finishes and features ideal for public venues.

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For education settings, you need robust, reliable hand dryers. Education venues are unique because they have high bursts of footfall but only at particular times of the day. Our options include low noise and low energy units that are reliable, robust and hygienic.

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Hand dryers by colour

  • White Hand Dryers


  • Black Hand Dryers


  • Polished Hand Dryers


  • Satin Hand Dryers


  • Grey Hand Dryers


How to Choose the Right Hand Dryer for You

Understanding which hand dryer you need can be a difficult task. There are hundreds of models claiming to have different features when all you want is something suitable for your business. If you’re a larger venue you need a dryer that can cope with high footfall. If you’re a small business, you may want a quiet hand dryer or a more eco-friendly hand dryer, lowing your energy bill.

Here are a few factors you may want to consider:

Speed – do you have high footfall at particular times of day?
Eco-friendly – Are you looking for something more cost effective?
Budget – does your option need to be low cost?
Washroom size – how many people can use the washroom at any time?
Accessibility – Are you choosing a drier for all abilities?

Our hand dryer buying guide has been built to help you with this choice. By answering four simple questions, we give you tailored results that would suit your business needs. Click the button below to get started.

Welcome to our interactive

Hand dryer buying guide


We're here to help you find hand dryers that best fit your needs

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Just answer the following 4 questions with regards to your requirements and receive our recommendations to hand dryers which are suitable.

Hand Dryer Buying Guide

Q1Defined by cubicles/urinals, what is the size of your washroom?

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Why we ask this

We ask this because the size of the washroom impacts the noise level, power and style of dryer that would be best for you.

Q2How would you describe the footfall of your washroom?

Question 2 Image

Why we ask this

The footfall of your washroom determines which dryer you should buy. If the dryer isn't built for your level of footfall it will have a shorter shelf life, requiring you to buy more frequently

Q3Are eco-friendly products important in your hand dryer purchasing decision?

Why we ask this

Some of our customers are conscious of their eco footprint. From energy use to efficiency, we offer a number of eco-friendly options.

Q4Do you require a dryer with accessibility for a disabled bathroom?

Why we ask this

Accessibility should always be given where needed. Some people may find a ‘hands in' dryer more difficult to use than 'hands under', for example.

We've selected these recommendations based on: