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Just answer the following 4 questions with regards to your requirements and receive our recommendations to hand dryers which are suitable.

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Q1Defined by cubicles/urinals, what is the size of your washroom?

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Why we ask this

We ask this because the size of the washroom impacts the noise level, power and style of dryer that would be best for you.

Q2How would you describe the footfall of your washroom?

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Why we ask this

The footfall of your washroom determines which dryer you should buy. If the dryer isn’t built for your level of footfall it will have a shorter shelf life, requiring you to buy more frequently

Q3Are eco-friendly products important in your hand dryer purchasing decision?

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Why we ask this

Some of our customers are conscious of their eco footprint. From energy use to efficiency, we offer a number of eco-friendly options.


Q4Do you require a dryer with accessibility for a disabled bathroom?

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Why we ask this

Accessibility should always be given where needed. Some people may find a ‘hands in’ dryer more difficult to use than 'hands under', for example.


We’ve selected these recommendations based on: