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We supply a wide range of Cleaning Products designed to cater for all of your janitorial needs; from mops and buckets to cleaning chemicals and gloves, we have everything you need to keep your workplace sparkling.

We understand how vital it is that your workplace presents a great impression to any visitors or customers that you may have in your building, which is why all of our Janitorial Supplies are sourced from reputable manufacturers in a wide range of shapes, sizes and specifications so that your cleaners are fully equipped for the job.

For larger premises, we have steam cleaning and other floor-care machines that are designed to simultaneously scrub floors and collect the dirty water to give your floor surfaces a healthy shine. We want to make sure that your cleaners are spending their time as efficiently as possible when at work and our wide range of cleaning machines will help them do just that.

Where relevant, all of our products are sourced to fall in line with the requirements outlined in the Health & Safety at Work act to make sure that you are compliant with the legislation and to protect your staff, visitors and customers from injury.

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