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Expert Dental Compliance Testing Services For Dentists Surgeries

You can easily ensure that all of the electricals in your practice are kept safe and up to standard with our expert PAT testing services.

Our professional inspectors will complete a quick and thorough test of all your appliances and can even complete most types of repairs in the same visit, so you can get straight back to your customers. 

Expert PAT Testing & Repairs For Dental Practices

Every dental practice in the UK is required by law under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure that all types of electrical equipment and appliances in the workplace are kept inspected and well maintained.

Our PAT testing experts are fully trained in testing and completing maintenance on all sorts of portable appliances and electricals.

The equipment and appliances that require testing in your practice can include a wide variety of specialist dental tools and equipment, as well as common white goods and appliances, such as:

  • Dentistry tools
  • X-ray machines
  • Power supply units
  • Electronic displays
  • Lamps & lighting
  • Kitchen appliances

After each inspection we’ll provide you with a full post-test certificate for your records to prove that your appliances are up to the legal standard and that your business is fully compliant.

With our PAT testing service you can rest assured that your appliances are completely safe, as our PAT testing engineers are fully accredited by the UKAS and CHAS!

Get a free quote today for all your surgery’s PAT testing needs!

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  • Certified Experts
    Our PAT testing engineers have years of experience & are fully accredited by UKAS & CHAS
  • Repairs Completed On-Site
    We’ll complete any necessary minor repairs & maintenance in the same visit, saving you time and money
  • Post-Test Certificate Included
    We’ll provide you with a full post-test certificate to prove that your equipment is up to the legal standard
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