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Fire Door Testing - Passive Fire Protection

Fire doors are vital features of a building, providing resistance to the spread of fire and limiting its effect. Everyday use and general wear and tear reduces their effectiveness, meaning regular checks are essential to your safety. It is recommended to get your fire doors serviced every 12 months.

Buildings age and fire doors age with them. Our fully accredited technicians can provide a thorough examination of your fire doors, ensuring your full compliance, and the safety of your property, visitors, staff and customers.

Fire doors save lives, and reduce property damage. Let us keep yours in working order. 

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As of June 2017, the fire rescue service attended over 11,600 fires in UK non-residential buildings. This was a 4% increase from last year.  Fire doors are an essential addition to any building, as their sole purpose is to prevent the spread of fire.

Simply put, fire doors, or the door frames of specialist fire doors, contain a reactive strip which expands when exposed to heat, therefore blocking the passage of smoke and fire.

Without properly working and maintained fire doors, fire, smoke and toxic fumes are free to travel around your premises – wreaking havoc and endangering lives in the event of a fire.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005)

You must keep any existing equipment, devices or facilities that are provided in your premises for the safety of people; such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, lighting, signs, fire exits and fire doors, in effective working order and maintain fire separating elements and the prevention of smoke into escape routes.

You must ensure regular checks; periodic servicing and a suitable system of maintenance are carried out whatever the size of your premises and any defects are put right as quickly as possible.

The law covers not just fire doors but all fire safety equipment. Our service will make sure you are fully compliant and up to date with all current legislation.

 The 2008 Codes of Practice for fire door assemblies clarifies what fire door maintenance requires.

They must provide a similar level of fire resistance as the fixed elements of building, e.g. walls and floors, and are evaluated by the same stringent procedures and criteria.  For example, the deterioration of these doors can take place in the form of:

  • Hinges becoming loose, worn, failing to close into frame.
  • Door-Closing Devices incorrectly fitted or adjusted.
  • Latches failing to engage correctly
  • Panic and emergency exit devices such as door bolts and pull handles

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