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Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers
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The Airstream Range

PHS’s Airstream series of hand dryers use the latest technology to create a trio of hand dryers, each targeting a different priority when it comes to hand drying.

Airstream Pure

The Airstream Pure is the perfect hand dryer for those who are most at risk of spreading harmful germs and bacteria. Thanks to its HEPA filters, the Airstream Pure eliminates 99% of germs from drying air, making it one of the most hygienic hand dryers on the market today.

Airstream Vitesse

For busy customer-facing businesses, speed is the priority when it comes to hand dryers. The ideal choice is the Airstream Vitesse. The Airstream Vitesse dries the hands in just 15 seconds, thanks to its 1100w motor.

Airstream Whisper

Where noise is a problem, the Airstream Whisper is the hand dryer of choice. The Airstream Whisper has been Quiet Mark certified, which means that it is one of the quietest hand dryers available. Using just 800w of power, the Airstream Whisper is cost-effective, costing £0.09 for 150 dries.

All three Airstream hand dryers are interchangeable, thanks to its back plate design. Our patented technology allows you to remove the Airstream without needing an electrician, making it a cost effective and efficient hand dryer to service.

Dyson Hand Dryers

If you want a powerful, economical hand dryer that reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, thanks to its built-in HEPA filters, you should consider the Dyson Airblade V. The Airblade V has attained the Quiet Mark, an international approval award founded by the UK Noise Abatement Society, a foundation that wants businesses to reduce noise pollution.

The Airblade V comes in a choice of two colours, white and nickel, so it can fit in with any washroom style.

The Benefits of Hand Dryers

Investing in high quality hand dryers for your washroom will improve hand hygiene, reduce queues and usage times, whilst saving money over using paper towels.

Studies have shown that as much as six times as many bacteria are found on paper-towel dispensers as they are on hand dryers. Not only are hand dryers cleaner than paper towels, but they are more economical as well. The average cost to restock paper towels throughout the year is around 32 times more than the annual running cost of a hand dryer.

Our hand dryers include a variety of state-of-the-art features that maximise energy efficiency, drying power and hand hygiene, with better economical value and less impact on the environment than paper towels. This combination makes hand dryers easier on your budget, whilst keeping your energy bills and carbon foot print as low as possible.

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