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All waste types covered

All waste types covered

All of your offensive and hazardous waste handled with one service

Full consignment note

Full consignment note

Your legal paper trail is sorted with a consignment note on collection

Compliant with regulations

Compliant with regulations

Our waste bins are fully labelled and secure in accordance with UK law

Flexible service options

Flexible service options

Our service is under your control with flexible collections to suit you

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Tattoo Waste Disposal

Working with over 700 Tattooists nationwide, we understand the importance of staying compliant with waste disposal regulations, especially when it comes to the disposal of your sharps waste. Our cost-effective waste collection service will ensure your sharps are handled in a safe, compliant and discreet manner.

All our waste professionals follow strict guidelines to safely dispose of your waste. Choose Direct365 to put your health and safety concerns at ease; we’ll cover all your needs and give you low-costs, a flexible contract and paperwork to prove your compliance.

Give us a call for more details on tattoo waste management and get a free, no obligation quote.

Waste bags made of 97% recycled content

All our bags used to collect and dispose of offensive and clinical waste are made of a minimum of 97% recycled content.

Aim to see 95% of waste we dispose avoid landfill

We aim to see 95% of the waste we dispose avoid landfill, creating a more sustainable process for the waste we are responsible for.

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Types of Tattoo Waste

The offensive and hazardous waste generated by tattoo shops and parlours doesn't just mean tattooing needles, but it can also include items like:

  • Ink caps and leftover ink
  • Leftover ointment and containers
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic protective coverings
  • Protective gloves
  • Used cotton swabs and wipes

This waste is split in to two categories by the Department of Health; tattoo needles and sharps are classed as "hazardous" and must only be disposed of in specialised sharps receptacles with an orange lid. Just like a medical needle, waste tattoo needles and sharps can cause serious injury and potentially spread diseases or infections of the blood if they are not disposed of correctly.

Tattoo waste excluding sharps is typically classed as "Offensive/Hygiene Waste" by the Department of Health and should only be disposed of with appropriate care and safety control measures in place. If waste like used swabs, gloves and towels is not disposed of properly it could lead to health and hygiene problems for your staff or your customers, from skin infections to bacterial diseases, and could seriously damage the reputation of your business.

We can manage all types of waste in your tattoo studio, providing all the correct bins, bags, and a reliable collection service to dispose of your waste.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are EWC Codes and Legislation?

Since 2005 the government has released several regulations and pieces of legislation relating to the disposal of tattoo waste. Under the 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations, needles and sharps from Tattoo and body art shops must be disposed of within specialised receptacles, and assigned a European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code.

Without knowing the facts and correctly disposing of your waste, you could put your business and your customers in danger, and even face fines of up to £5,000 from the government.

We are experts in hazardous waste and clinical waste and with our service you can rest assured that your tattoo waste will be disposed of in full compliance with UK legislation.

What is duty of care and what are consignment notes?

By producing potentially infectious and hazardous waste, government legislation states that tattoo artists have a duty of care to ensure that the waste they produce is stored safely and appropriately classified as hazardous or non-hazardous. Not only does the waste have to be segregated and stored securely, but a consignment note must be filled in before it can be legally transported from your premises

Each and every time that we collect your tattoo waste, we will provide you with an industry standard consignment note that states the waste collection’s European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code, quantity, components and container type. Each consignment note will require your business’ registration number from the Environmental Health Agency. If you aren't a member, we will even help get your business fully registered with the Environmental Health Agency as part of our service and ensure that your paperwork meets all the requirements of UK legislation.

Call today and we will make all the arrangements to ensure that your tattoo shop waste is correctly disposed of to the letter of the law.

Tattoo Resources and More Info...

We are here to support tattoo artists not only through the range of professional waste collection services that we offer, but also by providing reliable, expert information and resources to businesses across the country.

More information about tattoo artist licensing, legislation and waste disposal can be found on the below websites:

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