The Benefits of Crate Hire

by Melissa McNamara in Business Supplies | posted:


So you need to store or transport some things for your business, and you’re trying to get together all the cardboard boxes you can find, but they just can’t handle the load.


If you don’t know about rentable crates then let us give you all the information you need. If you’ve considered them but remain unconvinced then take a moment to go through their range of benefits and find out why Direct365 are the best option for your business.


crate dimensions


Our crates come in a range of sizes, so you can pick the right dimensions for your needs – whether that’s opting for a small crate for desktop items or a large one for IT equipment.

Having your choice from a variety of crate types means you can transport things as efficiently as possible, from files to computer monitors, without having to cram items into insufficiently sized boxes.



We help you save money thanks to our competitive rental costs and flexible service. Just pay for the number you need for the time you need them and get a hassle-free service worth the price.

As a friend of small businesses, we let you order any number you want on stocked items rather than be tied down by minimum order quantities, so you can benefit from crate hire for any size job.


holding crate


Trying to carry boxes without handles or loose items individually can be annoyingly inconvenient and even hazardous.

Our crates are a perfect solution, made in easy-to-transport dimensions with inner handle grooves to grip securely. Their purpose build shape helps any relocation to be easy and efficient.


Robust and durable

The quality of our crates keeps to high industry standards, ensuring they serve their purpose without faults or breakages.

Made from tough, polypropylene material, our crates are sure to withstand any demanding workplace move.



Who needs flimsy boxes and reams of tape when you can simply hire a better quality solution and return it to be used again after you’re done? Single-use culture is destroying our environment, which is why crate hire is such an important solution to avoid packaging waste.

What’s more, at the end of their long-serving lives, all of our crates are 100% recyclable. By going for the environmentally friendly option, your business can boast green credentials and be a team player in the global fight against unnecessary waste.



Protective and secure

Crates provide protection from harsh weather conditions and accumulating dust, and can withstand the jolts and bumps of transit.

The integral lid helps to keep items safely contained, minimising any chance of loss or damage. Basic boxes just can’t live up to that level of security.


Nestable and stackable  

Another pro for efficiency; our crates take up minimal space as they fit neatly into one another when empty or can be stacked sturdy atop one another when full.

Every little bit of space helps when going through the messy job of moving or refurbishing, so having crates that help to save on storage space is a huge benefit.


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We’ve partnered with leading supplier Teacrate to provide the best crate hire services for a smooth business move. For more information and a free quote, call 0808 163 9660, or head over to Teacrate for a limited time exclusive 10% off with code “Direct10”.