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Professional Services & Essential Supplies for Pubs & Restaurants

Our pubs & restaurants hub lays out everything you will need for your business to succeed.  We can support you in making sure your customers are kept happy and safe. Our affordable services and products will ensure everything runs smoothly, from expert waste management services to pest control and kitchen equipment, you can rely on us to support your business.

Please find below a list of services and products that might interest you...

Reliable Waste Disposal For Pubs & Restaurants

In the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s ‘Too good to waste’ report, they discovered that on average, a UK restaurant produces 21 tonnes of food waste each year. 60% of that waste is created during the food preparation process. All professional kitchens in pubs and restaurants want to keep their waste to a minimum, however, it is essential to know that the rubbish produced will be disposed of efficiently, punctually and professionally.

Our waste disposal contracts are highly affordable and reliable, giving you a complete service that you can trust. We’ll support your restaurant by providing all the bins, bags and refuse collections you need, when you need them.

You can rely on us to manage all your waste, from general rubbish removal and bin collection to food recycling, with a professional service all year round.

•     Waste Collection Notes Included

•     No Hidden Charges

•     Refuse Sacks Provided

Let us take care of all your waste and recycling with a free quote today!



Find out more about our Waste Disposal Services

Waste management services for pubs & restaurants



Fire Safety & Appliance Testing For Pubs & Restaurants

In a busy pub or restaurant, safety issues can often cause unnecessary danger and expense. With our professional safety services, you can keep your restaurant safe 365 days of the year. Our expert fire safety engineers can test and service all of your fire safety equipment to make sure your extinguishers, alarms and other equipment comply with current UK legislation.

Our safety procedures for compliance testing is to an exceptional standard, and we also provide the most affordable and reliable PAT testing service in the nation, with free minor repairs and full post-test certification for your compliance.

•     Post-Test Certificate Included

•     Free Minor Repairs

•     UKAS Accredited

Enquire today for the most reliable safety testing in the country!


Find out more about our expert Safety Testing Services

Safety testing services for pubs & restaurants


Top Washroom & Hygiene Solutions with Installation & Servicing

We know that keeping high standards and regulations surrounding hygiene and safety, regardless of the size of your business, is vital to its success.

We offer the most reliable washroom hygiene systems in the country with installation and servicing for a wide range of hand dryers, vending machines, air fresheners and much more.

We’ll provide the best products and a flexible contract to suit your business, whether you have a small bathroom or a huge washroom, you can rely on us to provide an expert service every time.

•     Flexible Contracts

•     Installation & Servicing Included

•     Water & Energy Saving Designs

Join thousands of businesses by using our washroom services today!


Find out more about our Washroom Hygiene Services

Washroom Hygiene services for pubs & restaurants

Expert Pest Control Services for Pubs & Restaurants

It only takes a few buzzing insects to spoil your customer’s experience in your restaurant or pub, as well as potentially spreading disease and germs in your kitchen. Any kind of infestation, whether it is a nest of wasps, bees or a few cockroaches can be disastrous for any catering business with the risk of customers being put off for life.

The last thing anyone trying to run a professional kitchen wants to be preoccupied with is worrying how to get rid of mice and rats or other nuisances but we can tackle any pest problem head on for you. We work with the nation’s top pest control experts that have years of experience in discreetly removing pests for good, meaning wherever you are based, we will find a pest control service near you. Our services include taking care of insects, rodents, birds and even environment management for preventative measures.

We’ll put a stop to pests in your workplace for an unbeatable low price, with free follow up visits to make sure they don’t come back.

Easy to use, pest control supplies are also available including mouse traps and bed bug kits, products that can prove invaluable for those in the hospitality industry.

•     Expert bird, insect & rodent control

•     Free follow-up visits

•     Fast & discreet methods

Get a free quote now to get rid of all your pests.


Find out more about our Pest Control Services

Pest control services for pubs & restaurants

Low-cost Business Products & Catering Supplies

We have a huge range of affordable, high quality cleaning supplies and catering equipment for pubs and restaurants, with next day delivery available across most items.

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