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SafeContractor Approved

SafeContractor Approved

We ensure health and safety is of paramount importance.

Legal paperwork included

Legal paperwork included

Waste transfer records are given to ensure a paper trail to keep you compliant.

Compliant with regulations

Compliant with regulations

Our waste bins collections are secure and in accordance with UK law

Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

Available nationwide, let us take the stress out of animal mess.

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Local animal waste disposal from Direct365

Direct365’s animal waste disposal service gives you peace of mind when you’re looking to get rid of pet waste properly. Dog waste disposal requires trained waste removal experts with experience of dealing with pet waste removal for catteries, kennels, vets and events.

Your responsibilities for clearing and disposing of pet waste extends beyond keeping your premises clean, tidy and hygienic. There are regulatory requirements to ensure animal waste disposal is conducted in the correct manner. All animal waste is considered offensive waste, meaning it needs to be disposed of separately from normal, general waste. Offensive waste is waste that isn’t hazardous but is considered unpleasant. Pet waste collection services take the pain away from disposing this waste yourself. Especially if you’re an organisation that has other things to focus your energy on than dog waste disposal or other animal waste removal. Choosing Direct365 for your pet waste solutions is the wise option for animal service providers across the country.


Pet waste disposal for businesses

Businesses that work with animals do so because of their love of helping animals thrive. What people don’t do is get into working with animals because of having to deal with regulations around disposing of pet waste.

That’s where a company like Direct365 comes into the mix. Our employees are highly trained and our SafeContractor approved service proves that with Direct365, you can rest easy that the safety of visitors, employees and the public is at the heart of our animal waste disposal service. 

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What types of pet waste can Direct365 collect?

Direct365 can collect any type of pet waste. Dog waste removal is one of the biggest categories we offer, but we offer all types of waste removal for vets, events, kennels and catteries.

For more information on costs and how regularly we can collect your animal waste disposal bags, call our team on 0800 612 9688. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dispose of large amounts of dog waste?

Disposing of large amounts of dog waste should be left to professionals. Dog waste disposal should not be done in the same way as general waste, because animal mess is considered as offensive waste. Disposing of large amounts of dog waste needs larger bags but also a disposal company that knows where to dispose of offensive waste. Our experience working with small organisations extends beyond the pet waste solutions space, but our team are knowledgeable and can help with any questions you have about dog waste disposal. 

How do I get rid of animal waste?

Animal waste should be disposed of correctly as dictated by waste regulations. Waste disposal regulations class animal waste as offensive waste, meaning it must be disposed of separately from general waste. While offensive waste isn’t classed as hazardous, it is classed as nasty and unpleasant to humans.

Instead of getting rid of animal waste yourself, your organisation should use a commercial waste removal service such as Direct365’s pet waste service. Our experienced team will collect your pet waste and dispose it on your behalf, ensuring you comply with waste legislation while giving you a great price from our nationwide supplier. To speak to a member of the team today, call 0800 612 9688.

How do you remove dog waste?

Dog waste removal should always be done by professionals when in a commercial environment. Pet waste solutions for vets, catteries, kennels and other animal environments are hard to come by. But Direct365 offer a nationwide service, allowing you to comply with regulations and disposing of your animal waste in a safe and secure manner wherever you are in the country.

Why choose your animal waste disposal service from Direct365.

Direct365 are the waste disposal experts. From commercial waste to animal waste collection, we have serviced customers for 20 years, offering a high level of service nationwide.

Choosing a waste collection service should be simple, but knowing who to trust can often be stressful. But that’s not a worry you need to have with us. Direct365 work with over 50,000 customers, and have a Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5, with over 7,000 reviews left on our page. When looking for a pet waste management service that you can rely on, choose Direct365.

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