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On-site Confidential Shredding

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On-site Confidential Shredding
  • Completely GDPR compliant
    We keep you in line with the law, destroying documents with utmost confidentiality
  • Free certificate of destruction
    Receive paperwork to prove the secure shredding of your waste, at no extra cost
  • Call us for an instant quote
    Get to grips with our competitive services with a FREE, no obligation quote
  • Accredited to ISO9001 & ISO14001
    Your data will be shredded and recycled in accordance with current UK guidelines
  • Security checked personnel
    Safety guaranteed – our staff have a 5 year background, DBS and reference check
  • Nationwide service
    Our fantastic help is available to all sorts of businesses across the UK

Shredding is a crucial process to keep any business safe and secure. Binned paper documents are a jackpot for fraudsters trying to get hold of sensitive information that can put your company in jeopardy.

On-site shredding is the primary way of ensuring business paperwork is disposed of safely and in line with the law. Trusting in a professional service to shred unneeded documents on your premises guarantees a secure chain of custody, so you can feel at ease knowing your business is GDPR compliant.

Call 0800 612 9288 for more information on our on-site shredding service and a free, no-obligation quote.

Protecting data isn’t optional, it’s the law. GDPR standards are regulated by the ICO, who won’t hesitate in penalising companies for risky practices and data breaches.

Figures suggest that more than 25% of the UK adult population has fallen victim to identity fraud. Business paperwork contains precious information that needs protecting in order to stay lawful.

To avoid hefty fines or even more severe consequences, businesses should destroy any data that doesn’t serve a purpose. Our on-site shredding service will ensure you meet your legal obligations in the most hassle-free way possible!

Our professional services are ideal for SMEs and start-ups thanks to our friendly and flexible approach. We’ll provide on-site shredding with a schedule that suits your business’s needs, using reliable, DBS-checked staff.

Let us help reduce your business’s carbon footprint with our commitment to recycling; by using an environmentally friendly shredding service, your company can boast green credentials!

And remember, we don’t compromise when it comes to GDPR. Keeping your business compliant is our priority, so don’t risk it – shred it, with Direct365.

We’re on emergency response to help customers, old and new, who still need crucial services during the coronavirus crisis. We want to help all those affected and support UK SMEs nationwide – we’re open for business because you’re open for business.

Working from home comes with a host of complications, a lot of them being associated with GDPR. Some of our shredding services (usually intended for business locations) have been extended for domestic services, so you can keep your business secure at home.

Data protection is still critical during these times. Paperwork containing sensitive information is classed as confidential waste and should be dealt with in accordance to GDPR guidelines.

Our domestic service features the same benefits as our commercial service, including ISO accreditations, certificate of destruction and DBS-checked staff. Enquire today to find domestic shredding services near you.

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On-site Shredding Services
On-site Shredding Services

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