Imagine being a baby. It may seem like paradise to be pampered day and night, but sometimes babies and parents do have it tough.

The smallest discomfort can become the most profound problem anyone’s ever faced. Just imagine it – you need changing and you’re uncomfortable and your parents can’t find the appropriate facilities at the business they’re visiting. It must be like a bizarre form of torture. That’s one of the reasons we’re passionate about baby changing facilities. But what if you are a business and don’t know where to start? Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding baby changing facilities, and the answers every UK business needs to hear…


Why do I need a baby changing facility?

The UK’s population is growing rapidly, and that means a lot of infants. While your staff members are unlikely to bring their children into work your customers might. They’re going to need somewhere they can change their children in comfort and safety.

Do all businesses need a baby changing facility?

Not all business will need to provide baby changing and nappy disposal facilities. You just need to use your common sense. If you run a gentleman’s club or a dangerous construction site, you’re unlikely to need such facilities; if you run a preschool or another such business, you certainly will. There are, of course, grey areas too.

What if I decide not to provide baby changing facilities?

No-one’s going to make you offer baby changing facilities and no laws solemnly state it, but you risk provoking the ire of your customers if you don’t. If you fail to provide baby changing facilities the child’s safety could be put at risk. Equally, as could the sanitary conditions of your washroom. Current legislation means that you’re likely to be the one to blame.

Where should nappy waste go?

Nappy waste is classed as offensive waste, and therefore your business cannot put a general waste bin beside a changing facility. Although not generally harmful to human health, non-infectious wastes should be handled with a duty of care to the environment, health and safety. This includes the safe storage of waste in suitable containers and disposal using a licensed waste carrier.

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So there are risks involved then?

Oh yes. Have you ever tried changing a child? They tend to wriggle and kick, so balancing an uncomfortable infant on the edge of a washroom sink is a recipe for disaster – you need a proper baby-changing table for that particular job. Soiled nappies are classed as ‘offensive waste’, too, and these fall under the remit of legislation such as the Environmental Protection Act and Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations. You have a legal requirement to deal with nappy disposal in a way that doesn’t threaten the environment or the health of your staff and customers.

And you can help me with all this?

We provide baby changing and nappy disposal services that are not only convenient for your customers but guaranteed to keep your business safe and compliant at all times. We can visit your business anywhere in the UK, fit your facilities quickly and efficiently. If you want to know anything else about baby changing and nappy disposal services, contact us and we’d be more than happy to field your queries in person.

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