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Spill Kits

Every business that handles, stores or transports liquids needs to have measures in place and appropriate equipment readily available in case of workplace accidents and emergencies. We supply a wide range of spillage kits designed to quickly and safely clean up after various kinds of spills, including oil, fuel, chemical and bodily fluids.

There are several pieces of legislation in place in the UK regarding the control of spilt chemicals and liquids and all businesses have a responsibility to ensure that they are safely maintained. Our range of practical and economical spillage kits and refills will help keep your business compliant and safe when accidents do happen.

Of course, it's not just spillage kits we stock, we stock a huge range of Absorbents & Spill Control to keep you and workplace safe that are in stock and ready for quick dispatch.

For more detailed information on spill kits, please view our blog post in the image provided below.



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