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Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changers

We supply a great choice of superb quality Vertical Wall Mounted baby changing tables that can be safely and securely affixed to walls to provide a convenient and space saving changing solution that gives the same benefits as a bench mounted unit.


Benefits of Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changers

Vertical wall-mounted baby changing tables offer several benefits, making them a practical choice for many settings, including public restrooms, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

1. Space Efficiency: Vertical baby changing tables have a decreased profile, making them an excellent choice for smaller restrooms or areas where space is at a premium. They require less room when mounted to the wall and when opened, compared to their horizontal counterparts.

2. Comfort and Safety: These baby changing tables often feature a smooth, concave surface that provides comfort for the baby. They also come with safety straps to secure the child during the changing process, adding an extra layer of safety.

3. Hygiene: Many models are equipped with antimicrobial surfaces that resist odors and reduce the spread of germs and illness. They also often include built-in liner dispensers, which can hold up to 50 bed liners for additional cleanliness.

4. Durability and Load Capacity: Vertical baby changing tables are robust and durable, often featuring a reinforced steel-on-steel hinge and chassis design. They are tested to support significant weight, with some models capable of safely holding children up to 50 lbs.

5. Aesthetics: Vertical baby changing tables can enhance the look of a washroom. For instance, some models feature a one-piece, deep-drawn, uniform grain stainless steel exterior that eliminates seams, sharp edges, and weld lines, creating a modern aesthetic.

6. Convenience: These baby changing stations often come with additional features like a wall-mounted bag hook, making accessing nappy bags easier and safer.

Vertical wall-mounted baby changing tables are a practical, space-saving, and hygienic solution for changing babies in public spaces. They offer a combination of comfort, safety, and convenience, making them a valuable addition to any establishment catering to families with young children.


Drawbacks of Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changes

While vertical wall-mounted baby changers offer several advantages, such as saving space and providing convenience, they also have some downsides. 

1. Space Constraints: While vertical models are designed to save space, they may still require a significant amount of room when opened. This can be a problem in smaller restrooms or spaces where every inch is needed.

2. Cleanliness Concerns: Some people worry about the possibility of their child being exposed to harmful bacteria on a wall-mounted baby changing table. Even though the materials used to construct these products are highly microbe-resistant, the concern is still valid. We would recommend having some anti-bac spray or gel nearby for the customer to use.

3. Stability Issues: There may be concerns over the stability of the unit, especially if it is not properly installed or if it is used beyond its weight capacity. We would always recommend a wall mounted baby changer to be professionally installed.

4. Limited Freedom of Movement: Compared to horizontal models, vertical baby changing tables may offer less freedom of movement around the open table, which could make the changing process slightly more challenging.

While vertical wall-mounted baby changers can be a practical solution in certain settings, it's important to consider these potential downsides when deciding on the best option for your needs. Always ensure that the unit is installed correctly and used within its specified weight limit to ensure safety. Regular cleaning and the use of sanitary liners can also help to address cleanliness concerns.

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