Air Care

Air Care

We supply an extensive range of quality air care products for your workplace, from automatic air freshener dispensers to hand held aerosols, we have everything you need to keep your washrooms, changing rooms and facilities smelling pleasant and fresh. Our wide selection of highly affordable air freshener refills and fragrances allows you to choose a scent that suits your tastes and your business.

For providing an unequalled level of freshness in your washroom, we have a choice of Ozone units that are among the most state-of-the-art odour control systems available on the market. If you’re looking for something simpler, we also offer a range of excellent value air freshener starter kits that include a dispenser, batteries and refills, all in one convenient package.

Our range features a number of top quality products from reliable and popular brands like Airoma, TimeMist and Spa & Cresta, all at highly affordable prices. Simply use the menu on the left to browse through our range and if you need any help with your order at all, just give us a call and our dedicated customer care team will assist in finding the right products for your business.

If you require a more flexible or temporary solution for your air freshening needs, we can offer you our expert air freshener rental service. Call today for a free quote and we’ll tailor our package to your needs to give you the best deal.

For everything, there is to know about air fresheners see our blog post. Click the image below



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