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Quiet Hand Dryers

The main reason businesses look for quiet hand dryers is their minimal noise output so not to disturb customers, employees and visitors. While modern hand dryers have a variety of benefits, from fast drying to low levels of sound, there are none on the market that are entirely silent.

That being said, our handpicked selection of quiet dryers are all low noise but high quality. We offer the best quiet hand dryers on the market and have a range that suits all needs. A large selection that covers multiple features, each dryer in this section will be quieter than other dryers on the market. For example, the PHS Whisper XL hand-in hand dryer operates at just 56dB. You can check out all of the Airstream Whisper range and see what model suits your premises.

Suitable Locations for Quiet Hand Dryers

To help get a sense of what 56dB sounds like, a noisy restaurant is usually around 80dB, and a typical conversation between two people is approx. 60dB. As you can tell, our quiet hand dryers are a really low volume, meaning they’re perfect units for venues such as:

  • Places of worship

  • Workplaces 

  • Hotels 

  • Schools 

  • Theatres 

  • Hospitals

Why is a Quiet Hand Dryer Necessary?

Some people may find a loud hand dryer to be quite uncomfortable, especially those who use hearing aids, have mental health issues, or have autism. Additionally, they are inappropriate for small offices, cafes, and other settings where sound might pass through walls and annoy personnel and customers in adjacent rooms. Direct365 also offer great hand dryers for schools, education settings and other venues that are often in need of quieter dryers.

If you're not sure where to start, we have a huge selection of hand dryers in a range of finishes to suit any washroom style and decor. If you would still like some help, you can call our customer support team, who can guide you further.

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