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Hand Sanitisers & Refills

Ensure your staff, visitors and customers enjoy a pleasant experience with our hand santiser and alcohol hand sanitiser refills - a must-have for maintaining high hygiene standards in your washrooms. At Direct365, we understand the importance of a clean, fresh-smelling environment, which is why our hand sanitiser refills are designed not only to kill germs but also to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed. They are the perfect solution for businesses looking to keep their dispensers full to ensure they can continue to provide a touch of luxury and hygienic protection for their clients, staff and visitors.

Our hand sanitiser refills come in a variety of options to suit any need, from foam, liquid to gel, enriched with moisturisers to care for the skin. With our hand sanitiser refills and alcohol hand sanitiser refills, you can be confident that your facilities are equipped with products that are both effective and gentle, ensuring all-day protection with just a few applications.

The easy ordering of our products means you can easily maintain well-stocked and operational dispensers, avoiding the pitfalls of bulk fill systems that can lead to contamination and waste

Our hand sanitiser and  refills are designed to work with automatic dispensers, providing a hygienic, touch-free experience that upholds the highest standards of cleanliness and care. With our alcohol hand sanitiser refills, you're not just offering sanitation; you're enhancing the overall washroom experience with a product that's as pleasant to use as it is effective in preventing the spread of germs.

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We also sell a huge range of Washroom & Hygiene supplies that are in stock and ready for dispatch.

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