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Xlerator Hand Dryers

For customers that are looking for a hand dryer that is sleek, robust and modern, few other dryers hit the brief like our Xlerator hand dryer range.

Manufactured by Excel Hand Dryers, the Xlerator units come in a variety of colours that can complement almost every washroom. Ideal for those that are environmentally conscious, the Xlerator hand dryer range have a variety of cheap eco-friendly features making each dry greener, cleaner and cheaper too.

Each dryer has a range of excellent functions, starting with the super quick drying speed. Each dryer can dry hands in between 10 – 15 seconds, leaving customers more satisfied, while spending more time within your business and less time in your toilet facilities. This, mixed with having great environmental credentials and a smart, stylish design makes an Xlerator hand dryer a great purchase for all washrooms.

You may also want to take a look at our Mediclinics Hand Dryers range and the Dyson Hand Dryers range that sell similar styles of hand dryers.

You can view all our hand dryers we sell at Direct365 with easy online ordering, or call our customer service team on 0800 612 9288.

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Why choose an Xlerator hand dryer?

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy an Xlerator hand dryer, but here are just a few:

Quick drying performance – a super-fast figure of 10 – 15 seconds to dry.

Low running cost – Adjustable heat settings and low energy use ensure your running costs will be low.

80% less energy than competitors – Xlerator hand dryers use approx. 80% less energy than other dryers on the market.

Cheaper than paper towels – The initial and ongoing costs are 95% cheaper than achieving the same drying goals as paper towels.

HEPA filter – The HEPA filter ensures 99.7% of all bacteria is destroyed.

How much do Xlerator hand dryers’ cost?

The Xlerator hand dryers that we offer are right in the middle of what we would consider standard prices for hand dryers. The cheapest in our range at time of writing is the Xlerator® Excel Hand Dryer in White at £533.95 ex-VAT. Alternatively, the other end of the scale is the Xlerator® Excel Hand Dryer in Brushed Stainless Steel which comes in at £775.29 ex-VAT at the time of writing. With these dryers and some in between, we have a great range for many budgets.

What size is the Xlerator hand dryer?

There are four hand dryers in our range. The sizes of these dryers are:

Xlerator® Excel ECO 500w Hand Dryer with White Polymer Cover: 322H x 298L x 170D (mm)

Xlerator® Excel Hand Dryer in Brushed Stainless Steel: 313H x 290L x 170D (mm)

Xlerator® Excel Hand Dryer in Graphite: 322H x 290L x 170D (mm)

Xlerator® Excel Hand Dryer in White: 313H x 290L x 170D (mm)

Shop Xlerator hand dryers from Direct365

Buying your Xlerator hand dryer from Direct365 is buying from a trusted expert, with over 20 years of experience working for small businesses. Our knowledgeable sales team are trained on knowing the ins and outs of our hand dryer range.

On all products over £150, Direct365 offer free delivery across the country. Because all of our Xlerator products are above this figure, you’ll get automatic free delivery whenever you buy one of these dryers.

If you’re looking to order a large quantity of dryers, then make sure you get in contact with our sales team. We always try to give bulk buy orders a discount where possible, so to keep a little more of your money, choose Direct365 today.

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