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Air Care

Air Care

Bad smells linger not only in the restroom.

Body odour, perfume and intense food fragrances contribute to an unpleasant concoction.

Because of this, neutralising foul odours is essential to creating a positive working environment.

In this portion of our supplies page, you'll find the following categories:


Aerosol dispensers, including the likes of the "Spa Eclipse" which has a range of personalised settings to suit any location it's placed in. Click here.

Energise the mind and encourage clear thinking with the scents located in the large space aerosol range. Click here.

Anti-Allergen air purifiers and odour eliminator devices, click here.

For clean air, rid unpleasant bacteria and micro-organisms in the air with humidifiers & dehumidifiers. Click here.


Have a means to instant access when it's needed most with our selection of handheld air freshener cans.

You can rid a foul smell with this collection of subtle relaxing scents. Click here.


For everything, there is to know about air fresheners see our blog post. Click the image below



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