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Air Care

Air Care

Bad smells linger not only in restrooms but body odour, perfume and intense food fragrances contribute to an unpleasant concoction. Because of this, neutralising foul odours is essential to creating a positive working environment.

Our range of workplace air care range from stylish air fresheners and their refills to air purifiers that help eliminate odurs and mould that are sduitbale for public washrooms, care homes, cafes and more, at Direct365, we have a large range of products suitable for every business.

If you are looking specifically for dispensers, take a look at our Aerosol Dispensers. Or our Large Space Air Fresheners & Diffusers. Our Air Purifiers & Ozone Units offer businesses a great way to purify the air.

We also stock a range of Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers that also clean the air and are great for hayfever sufferers or people you may have dust or pet allergies or a way to reduce mould.

If it's spray air fresheners you need, take a look at our Hand Held Air Freshener Cans where we stock a range of different scents.


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