Baby Changers

Choose from the best brands of top quality Baby Changers for your washroom including e-Changer, Rubbermaid, Babyminder, Magrini, Contico, Dolphin and more.

Many of our Wall Mounted Baby Changing Tables are available in horizontal or vertical designs, providing a compact changing area that conveniently folds away to optimise the space available.

Don't miss out on Bench Mounted Baby Changing Tables too which are designed to fit to a standard 60cm work surface, saving the cost of bespoke post forming. They're extremely easy to use and are also highly affordable. We also have a range of safety seats and high chairs, nappy bins, straps and other accessories to keep your washroom well supplied for all your customers' changing needs.

All of our Baby Changers are tested to full UK standards, provided with safety certificates and detailed specifications to give you peace of mind.

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