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Bench Mounted Baby Changers

Our range of Bench Mounted Baby Changers are designed to provide a safe and secure baby changing facility in your premises without the need for wall fixings. Ideal for any changing room with a suitable mounting surface, these units are incredibly easy to use and extremely secure.


Benefits of Bench Mounted Baby Changers

Bench-mounted baby changers offer several benefits, making them a valuable addition to public restrooms and commercial washrooms.

1. Space Efficiency: Bench-mounted baby changers are designed to stow away when not in use, thereby occupying no wall or extra floor space. This feature makes them suitable for small commercial washroom spaces and other areas where space is a constraint.

2. Ease of Installation: These types of changing tables are typically easy to use safely and don't require installation. This ease of installation makes them a practical choice for various settings,esprecially when space is at a premium.

3. Safety and Comfort: Bench-mounted baby changers provide a clean, safe, and comfortable space for changing a baby's nappy. Some models come with safety straps and diaper disposal units, enhancing their functionality and user-friendliness.

4. Accessibility: These changing tables are designed to be accessible to adults with reduced mobility, such as grandparents or those with disabilities due to the fact, you can place the changer on any stable surface.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Installing a baby changing table in a commercial space is a great way to please parents who can often struggle when out and about to find suitable, or any, baby changing facilities.

6. Versatility: Bench-mounted baby changers can accommodate more weight than typical baby changing stations, making them suitable for older children and adults with special needs.

7. Child Independence: Low baby changing tables enable even small children to climb up and down from the table easily, minimising unnecessary heavy lifting.

Bench-mounted baby changers are a practical, space-efficient, and user-friendly solution for changing babies, but if you're after vertical wall mounted baby changers or horizontal wall mounted baby changers here at Direct365, we have all options available to you at great prices.


Drawbacks of Bench Mounted Baby Changing Table

Bench mounted baby changing tables, while convenient, do have several drawbacks. 

1. Potential for Back Pain: One of the main issues with bench mounted baby changing table is that they can cause back pain for the parent or caregiver. This is especially true if the bench is not at the right height, forcing the person to bend over or squat while changing the baby's nappy.

2. Hygiene Concerns: Not exclusive to bench mounted baby changing tables, hygiene can be of a concern. We would aways recommend keeping some anti-bac spray or gel close by for the person changing the nappy.

3. Space Limitations: Some bench mounted baby changers can be quite bulky compared to the wall mounted equivalent.

While bench mounted baby changers can be a convenient solution for changing nappies, we simply need to compare your needs with their horizontal and vertical counterparts.

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