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Washroom Vending Products

At Direct365, we offer a comprehensive range of vending products for washrooms, ensuring your washroom is well-prepared for modern needs. Our selection includes popular brands like Always, Tampax, and Lil-lets for feminine hygiene, as well as baby changing and contraceptive vending options to cater to diverse needs. We supply vending machines and refills, providing installation, maintenance, and regular restocking services to keep your vending machines in full working order throughout the year

Our vending products for washrooms extend beyond essentials, offering convenience items such as deodorant, shaving kits, mints, wet wipes, and dry shampoo, making your washroom a one-stop destination for hygiene and cosmetic needs.

With Direct365, you can rely on our experts to help you maintain a well-stocked and functional vending machine service for your restrooms that your staff and visitors will appreciate.

Remember, vending products for washrooms are not a luxury but a necessity, as they provide essential items for visitors and employees alike. By offering these products, you can enhance the overall experience and convenience for your customers and staff.

We don't just sell washroom vending products we provide a whole range of Washroom & Hygiene services that you can buy in one fell-swoop and with the best prices you'll find online, it means you don't need to shop anywhere else.

If you need any help with washroom vending products, then you can also call our customer support team, who will only be too happy to help guide you.

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