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Magnum Hand Dryers

Magnum hand dryers are robust and efficient, offering quick drying times of approximately 10 seconds with models like the Magnum Storm and Magnum Blue Lightning.

These dryers are designed for heavy traffic areas and are both energy-efficient, using 90% less power than traditional hand dryers, and cost-effective. They feature automatic, no-touch operation with infrared sensors, and some models include cool blue LED lights to guide users.

Magnum hand dryers come in various finishes, including white and chrome, and are equipped with features like thermal protection and adjustable heater elements for added energy savings. They are suitable for a wide range of public washrooms and are known for their durability and vandal-resistant design.

If the range of Magnum Hand Dryers doesn't suit your needs, we have a huge number of hand dryers in stock and ready for quick dispatch. Or you can talk to our support team, who will be more than happy to talk you through a range of options for your needs.

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