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Cleaning & Janitorial Equipment

For cleaners, janitors and caretakers, we supply the correct equipment to get the job done.

Our colour-coded range exists to prevent cross-contamination between work areas.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BISC) created the colour code system to avoid this problem.


The colour code is as follows:

Blue - General areas such as offices, low-risk areas.

Red - Washroom, toilets and bathroom floors.

Green - Kitchens and eating areas.

Yellow -  In hospitals, this would be for clinical and treatment areas. Otherwise, standard practice is used for washbasins & washroom surfaces.


For more specific duties, you can find in our cleaning categories the following equipment:

Shop our laundrette supplies: Laundry sacks, trolleys and dehumidifiers to keep clothes dry.

See our range of Cleaning Signs and Caution Cleaning in Progress, Wet Floor Caution signs and more.

Store and carry your cleaning equipment around with our Cleaning Trolleys / Janitorial Carts.

Manual rotary hand pumps and spare parts from Castle Pumps.

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