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Soap & Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Soap & Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Our range of wall mounted dispensers boast a variety of operating features, colours and sizes. We offer cost-friendly options for hand sanitiser, hand soap and liquid soap dispensers and all the refill choices you need.

The benefits to a workplace in having automatic hand sanitiser dispensers is invaluable for hygiene purposes by not passing on germs and bugs through touch in washrooms, workplace kitchens, medical environments and other high hand contact places such as gyms and schools.

At Direct365, we specialise in professional washroom services, helping you keep your dispensers fully stocked and maintained throughout the year. Get in touch on 0808 274 7876 for more information and a free quote!

While you're here, why not check out our range of hand dryers for a hygienic washroom service, or our full Washroom & Hygiene supplies range for products in stock and ready for dispatch.

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