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IPAD Defibrillators & AEDs

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have revolutionised emergency response to sudden cardiac arrest, and the IPAD series of defibrillators stands out as a leading choice in this critical field.

These portable, user-friendly devices are designed to deliver life-saving electric shocks to restore normal heart rhythm in cardiac arrest victims, significantly increasing their chances of survival. 


The IPAD SP1 has quickly established itself as a market leader in the AED sector, recommended by over 75% of NHS Ambulance Services in the UK. This popularity stems from its user-friendly design and advanced features that make it accessible to both trained professionals and lay responders. 

Key Features of the IPAD SP1: 

1. Intelligent Design: The SP1 guides users through the resuscitation process with clear, illuminated instructions and calm voice prompts. 

2. Dual-Mode Functionality: Available in both fully automatic and semi-automatic versions, catering to different user preferences. 

3. Ambient Noise Detection: The device automatically adjusts its voice prompt volume to ensure clear instructions even in noisy environments. 

4. Pediatric Capability: A built-in child switch allows easy transition between adult and pediatric modes without changing electrode pads. 

5. Compatibility: The SP1 is fully compatible with defibrillators used by NHS Ambulance Services, facilitating seamless handover to emergency responders. 


Building on the success of the SP1, the IPAD SP2 offers additional features tailored for experienced medical professionals. 

We sell a range of accessories for the SP2 ranging from Electrode Pads, Replacement Battery, and the Bluetooth 3 Lead ECG Module

IPAD Defibrillators in Real Settings 

IPAD defibrillators have found applications across a wide range of settings: 

1. Emergency Services: Many ambulance services, fire departments, and police forces have adopted IPAD defibrillators for their reliability and ease of use. 

2. Sports Facilities: The British Heart Foundation and The Football Association selected the IPAD SP1 for their campaign to install defibrillators at grassroots football clubs throughout England. 

3. Public Access: IPAD AEDs are increasingly found in shopping centers, airports, schools, and other public spaces. 

4. Workplace Safety: Many businesses are installing AEDs as part of their health and safety protocols. 

5. Home Use: While less common, some individuals at high risk of sudden cardiac arrest may consider having an AED at home. 

Choosing Between Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic AEDs 

IPAD offers both fully automatic and semi-automatic versions of their defibrillators. The main difference lies in how the shock is delivered: 

  • Fully Automatic: Once the device determines a shock is needed, it will deliver the shock automatically after a brief warning. 
  • Semi-Automatic: The device will advise when a shock is needed, but the user must press a button to deliver the shock. 

Both types are equally effective, and the choice often comes down to user preference and specific application requirements. Some users may feel more comfortable with a semi-automatic device, as it gives them a sense of control over the process. 

Maintenance of IPad Defibrillators/AEDs 

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure AEDs are always ready for use. This includes: 

  • Replacing batteries every four years.
  • Replacing electrode pads as needed.
  • Following manufacturer's instructions for maintenance.
  • Regularly checking the device's status indicator.

IPAD defibrillators represent a significant advancement in the field of emergency cardiac care. Their user-friendly design, advanced features, and widespread adoption by emergency services make them a trusted choice for organisations and individuals looking to improve cardiac arrest survival rates. 

Of course, it's not just IPAD Defibrillators & AEDs we sell at Direct365, you may be interested in our range of defibrillators from Zoll and Defibtech for example. You can also see our full range of defibrillators too.

If you're still unsure, then call our expert UK-based team on 0800 612 9288 for further advice and guidance.

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