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Black Hand Dryers

When searching for a hand dryer that suits your washroom, be sure to search our range of black hand dryers. Smart and ultra-modern, these attractive black hand dryers will add a sense of style and sophistication to any washroom.

Black hand dryers have become a very common feature in public restrooms. This shade is becoming more and more popular as a way to add a classy and sophisticated touch to restrooms in hotels, restaurants, pubs, and contemporary offices. There is a black hand dryer ideal for every building type, from well-known manufacturers such as PHS, Sensadri, Warner Howard, Mediclinics, Mitsubishi and more.

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Best-selling black hand dryers


What are our most popular black hand dryers?

Here are the most popular black hand dryers from our range:

Airforce Hand Dryer from World Dryer in Black
A stylish black hand dryer, the Airforce dryer in black is effective, hygienic and easy to maintain. Running at around 85db it runs quieter than previous models, while still looking smart and drying hands within around 10 seconds.

PHS Airstream Vitesse High Speed Hand Dryer Black
A quick drying black hand dryer at 11 seconds, the PHS Airstream Vitesse is everything you would need from a hand dryer. Smart, unassuming and suitable for all settings, you’re getting one of our most popular dryers if you invest in the Vitesse.

Warner Howard EL600 Hand Dryer black
The Warner Howard EL600 is an inexpensive dryer that is perfect for the budget washroom or more upmarket alternatives. Ultra low energy, this black hand dryer is a great appliance for those looking to curtail their energy usage and become more environmentally friendly.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Heated Slim Hand Dryer Black
A different type of dryer to the three above, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel is a hands in hand dryer that is super-fast, drying hands in 9-11 seconds. Suitable for high traffic settings, we advise this to many of our customers because of the durability and quick dry. Ultra quite and eco-friendly, this dryer is the perfect appliance for all modern washrooms.

What are the benefits of black hand dryers?

The benefits of having a black hand dryer in your washroom are multifaceted. Depending on the design and colour of your washroom, and who the dryer is for, it might be to your advantage to buy a black hand dryer.

In disabled washrooms, for example, it is advised that your hand dryer should be a different colour to your walls. If you have a white base colour in your disabled washroom, a black dryer would be ideal.

Black is also a smart, sleek choice for washrooms and many of our great quality hand dryers come in different colours, with black a popular choice amongst customers looking for an elegant looking dryer.

What other colour hand dryers are available?

At Direct365 we have a range of colours for our hand dryers. Below are is a list of the other options available across our range:

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Direct365 is the best place to find the black hand dryers you need for your venue, no matter the size. We say we’re the best because our 20 years’ experience dealing with small and medium businesses puts us in a great place to understand what your business might need. And hand dryers are some of our most popular products.

Black hand dryers are smart and stylish, and what’s more, they work in almost all washrooms colour schemes. Available in a range of models and styles, our black hand dryers range is extensive. We’re certain we’ll have the machine for you.

It’s our mission to ensure customers get the things they need at the best price. That’s why our product team regularly compare the prices of our products – including our black hand dryers – to guarantee that our prices are competitive with other businesses on the market. For a great price, visit Direct365.

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