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Hand dryers for schools, colleges & universities

It’s important to understand that finding the right hand dryers for schools and other educational settings is a must. Schools, colleges and universities are unique venues because they have regular high bursts of footfall but not consistently throughout the day. Ensuring you get the correct types of hand dryers for schools can save you time and money.

Direct365’s range of hand dryers for schools are specifically picked to ensure the highest performance for your washroom. We’ve helped over 150 schools and education settings find the right dryer for them, and we think we could help you too. Explore our range of hand dryers for schools and find exactly what you’re looking for.

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What should you consider when buying hand dryers for schools?

Buying hand dryers for schools may feel as simple as looking for the best priced unit and leaving it there. But there’s more to it than that. Hand dryers for primary schools, for example, should be quiet dryers that are also robust and can stand heavy handed children. All hand dryers for schools must be able to handle the heavy footfall in a short space of time, while also getting little use for most hours of the day.

How high should a hand dryer be in a school bathroom?

There is no legal limit to how high a hand dryer should be in a school. However, for hands under dryers, you must try and ensure all children are able to dry their hands. For primary schools, this height is a little more standard, as the children will generally use different washrooms for the first and second parts of primary school. High school is slightly different, as even if different years use different washrooms, children often grow at different heights and at different speeds.

What’s the most hygienic type of hand dryer for a school?

Choosing an automatic hands under hand dryer is the best option for staying hygienic. Not needing to touch the surface of an appliance that spends the entire time in a washroom vastly reduces the time spent touching unclean surfaces. Automatic dryers are great for this.

What are the best hand dryers for primary schools?

The best hand dryers for schools are the dryers that are robust and can handle the intensity of short, sharp bursts of use. Schools are unique for the hand dryer market, as they are only usually used at break times – and these times often only last for an hour, maximum. Your dryer needs to have the power to provide a strong dry when continuously used during these busier periods.

Some examples of good hand dryers for primary schools are the PHS Airstream Whisper, a low noise dryer ideal for smaller children, and the Mediclinics Dualflow, which is quite while also offering efficient drying at between 8 – 15 seconds.

What are the best hand dryers for secondary schools?

Similar to primary schools, secondary schools need dryers that are able to cope with bursts of use. Possibly even more so than primary schools, these machines need to be robust, with secondary school students being heavy handed, and often vandalising the dryers.

For these reasons, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Wave u02 dryer is bulky and robust, whilst also serving very high traffic areas, ideal for large secondary schools. Additionally, the is a quite dryer that also serves high volume areas.

What are the best hand dryers for colleges & universities?

Colleges and universities are different to earlier years education settings as they usually have more frequent usage, with more students across a larger time frame per day. Realistically, university campus’ are more spread out, and less students use individual washrooms. Places like student unions and bars differ, but this is where different dryers will be needed. Understanding your footfall will be the key to getting the right machine.

Why should school bathrooms use hand dryers?

School washrooms should use hand dryers because they’re hygienic and more cost effective than buying paper towels, which can cost hundreds of pounds a year. Similarly, the dryers you can get are robust and can handle heavy-handed students. Paper towels are prime for littering and the plastic or metal dispensers can easily break when coming into contact with boisterous, energetic children.

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