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Hand Dryers for Schools and Education

Buying the right hand dryers for schools and other educational settings is a must. Schools, colleges and universities are unique venues because they have regular high bursts of footfall but not consistently throughout the day. Ensuring you get the correct school hand dryers can save you time and money.

When you are looking a hand dryer for a primary school, or a secondary school, you need dryers that are able to handle short, sharp bursts of use. You also need a robust dryer that can handle heavy-handed treatment from students. Our great value Warner Howard hand dryers are a popular choice for schools with low noise, low energy choices and excellent price points.

Often we're asked “what’s the most hygienic hand dryer for children?” as teaching good hygiene habits early is important. Our selection of dryers for schools and educational settings are hygienic and effective at giving the user a quick, effective hand dry without messy paper towels.



Are paper towels better than hand dryers for the environment?

The long and short of the question is no, paper towels are not better than hand dryers for the environment. Paper towels are repeat purchase solutions that then get thrown away quickly. They aren’t reusable. While there are settings that may suit paper towels, for high footfall areas, hand dryers are better for the environment. We have a range of great value energy-efficient school hand dryers from Airforce if you're looking specifically eco-friendly school hand dryers.

How high should school hand dryers be?

There is no regulatory height for a school hand dryer. However, installers need to acknowledge that age ranges vary massively, as will accessibility for some students. Primary schools and secondary schools have students who will be of different heights, so placing these to be accessible to both the smallest and tallest students can be difficult.

What’s the most hygienic type of hand dryer for a school or other educational setting?

Hand dryers themselves are very hygienic. Many of the newer models are automatic, meaning users don’t need to touch them for them to work, in fact, studies have shown that hand dryers can be up to 40% more hygienic than paper towels - which is even better in this post-Covid19 world. This, in contrast to paper towels, means you can’t transfer germs as easy through one person or another, and don’t have to touch the surfaces of bins or towel units. This means that generally modern hand dryers are hygienic.


What Else Do I Need To Know About When Considering a School Hand Dryer?

What else do I need to think about when considering a school hand dryer?


Hand dryers for schools are a one-time purchase, which can save you money in the long run. They are also less expensive to maintain than paper towels.


Hand dryers for schools are safe for children to use. They are designed with features such as low noise levels and automatic shut-off to prevent accidents.

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