Washroom Vending Machine & Refills

We supply a wide range of washroom vending machines designed to accommodate all sorts of hygiene and sanitary products for your visitors’ needs. A well prepared washroom with dispensers capable of providing essential items when required is something that all of your guests will certainly appreciate.

Our multi-vend vending machines are suitable for every environment, with designs for feminine hygiene and sanitary products, nappy dispensing, condom vending and much more. Whether you prefer metallic or plastic, single or multi vend, white or chrome, we have a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to choose from so that you can find the right vending machine for your washroom. 

Keeping your vending machine well stocked is just as essential as choosing the right unit, and at Direct365 we supply a whole range of quality vending machine supplies from popular brands like Tampax, Nivea and Mates, all at affordable prices. If you need any help completing your order just give us a call and our vending machine experts will be happy to answer your questions.

We can also help to keep your vending machines maintained with our professional vending machine services. From installation through to servicing and restocking, we can keep your vending units in full working order all year round.

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