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Hygiene Bag Refills

Your visitors will always appreciate a clean washroom that is equipped for all needs. With our wide range of highly affordable feminine hygiene bags, sanitary bags, sanitary bag dispensers and general hygiene bag refills, you can ensure that your facilities are well-prepared for your guests at all times.

At Direct365, we can go even further in helping with your sanitary waste needs with our expert sanitary disposal service designed for feminine hygiene including the removal of hygiene, sanitary bags and restocking sanitary bag dispensers. We have a wide range of sanitary bins and service plans available. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide everything you need to keep your washrooms clean and fresh. Additionally, we offer a variety of sanitary bags, hygiene bags, and sanitary bag dispensers to cater to different preferences and needs.

Sanitary bags, hygiene bags and hygiene bag refills are not all we offer, we have a comprehensive range of Washroom & Hygiene supplies to keep your washroom in the best possible condition and sanitary bag dispensers well stocked. However, if you're still not too sure about sanitary bag refills and the best options for your business, why not call our support team who will only be too happy to help.

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