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Defibrillator Units & AED Units

With Direct365, choosing the right AED units or defibrillator for your business is incredibly simple. We offer a wide range of full automatic and semi-automatic AEDs to suit your business and your budget. Whether you’re experienced or new to them, we have the right defibrillators for you.

Many of our defibrillators come fully equipped with the required extras and accessories, as well as voice-guided instructions for administering a shock even without any formal training. Our great AED packages offer superb value for money and peace of mind.

If you're unsure at what AED to buy, take a look at the superb Philips HeartStart and Lifepak range defibrillators that comes in fully automatic and semi automatic AED options.

If you're wondering which AED would be best for your business, or what the differences are between the models see our Types of Defibrillator guide.



Here are some frequently asked questions about defibrillators:

1. What are defibrillators?

A defibrillator is a device that delivers an electric shock to the heart in order to restore its normal rhythm.

2. What is an AED?

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is a type of defibrillator that is designed to be used by non-medical personnel in emergency situations.

3. What is the difference between an AED and defibrillators?

We use the terms interchangeably but in reality a defibrillator is what you see in hospitals. For the Direct365 website, we use them as the same thing.

4. How does an AED work?

An AED works by analysing the heart rhythm of a person in cardiac arrest and determining whether a shock is needed. If a shock is needed, the AED will deliver it through adhesive electrode pads placed on the person's chest.

5. Can defibs be used on children?

Yes, defibs can be used on children from 1-8 years old. If there are smaller pads available, they should be used.

6. How much time do I have to respond with an AED if someone has a sudden cardiac arrest?

Only minutes. Defibrillate within three minutes and the chances of survival are 70%. After 10 minutes, the chances of survival are negligible.

7. Is CPR effective on its own?

CPR only buys a little more time, potentially giving the victim a small amount of extra time until an AED arrives. But SCA ultimately requires a shock to restore a normal heart rhythm. As a result, most CPR training now also includes AED training.

8. How often must I change batteries on defibrillators?

The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Fully Automatic AED comes with a 8 year battery pack if unused. If the unit is used frequently, the battery pack may have to be replaced more often. The AED will inform the user when the battery pack needs to be replaced.

9. What else do I need to do to keep my AED in working order?

It is important to regularly check the defib to ensure that it is in good working order. This includes checking the battery, electrode pads, and any other accessories that may be included with the device. Here at Direct365, we stock a wide variety of defib accessories, including batteries, chargers and pads.

10. Why are AEDs important?

AEDs are important because they can save lives in emergency situations. When used quickly and correctly, they can restore a normal heart rhythm and increase the chances of survival for a person in cardiac arrest.

11. Where should defibrillators be stored?

Defibs should be stored in public and/or private places where large numbers of people gather or where people who are at high risk for heart attacks live. They should be easily accessible and clearly marked.

12. Why does it seem that the victim goes without CPR for so long during defibrillation, and why does an AED shock so many times?

During defibrillation, the victim may go without CPR for a short period of time while the AED is analysing the heart rhythm and determining whether a shock is needed. The AED may shock multiple times if necessary to restore a normal heart rhythm.



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