Bio-activeTM Mandarin Refill for Activa (310 ml / 3000 dose)


Mandarin Scented Bio-activeTM Refill

3000 Doses

Bio-activeTM Sanitising Fluid Case x 12 refills for use with the Activa fully programmable urinal & toilet sanitising system to provide a total solution for the effective prevention of hard water scale, uric acid scale, the control of bacterial growth and malodour in urinals, WCs and their associated piping.


How does bio-active work?

- Bio-activeTM is an advanced natural biological sanitising fluid and neutralises malodour by preventing the formation of scale and controlling the growth of harmful bacteria.

- Advanced 3 in 1 natural biological sanitising fluid

- Environmentally friendly biodegradable formula

- Non-irritant, non-hazardous, non-corrosive & non-flammable

- Clean, light fragrance for end user satisfaction

- Mandarin variant available for a stronger localised fragrance

- Bio-activeTM does not contain chemical components. Alternatively it features friendly bacteria specially selected for their highly effective sanitising action


Available in two scents: Classic, Mandarin

More Information
Case Quantity 12
Brand Activa
Manufacturer Kennedy Hygiene
Manufacturer Reference Number CLNAVABIO/
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