Biosol OC Urinal Area Blitz Treatment

Biosol OC Urinal Area Blitz Treatment

Biosol OC - Blitz treatment fo rurinal areas *Spray bottle not included*

In the  'Washroom Malodour Control Battle'  it is widely known that problems often come from the floors - particularly tiled and grouted floors. The problem arises because bacteria from urine 'splashes' soaks into the grouting where it remains as a food source for malodour producing bacteria.  It cannot be removed by cleaning the surface with biocides, although a biological floor wash will help.

Bioaol OC (supplied in economy 5 litre packs for decanting into trigger sprays) is an enzyme based "blitz" treatment.  Spray it on the worst affected areas after washing the floor with a biological floorwash and just leave it to soak in.  It has an uplifting vanilla fragrance that leaves the Washroom smelling good. J

Just a little makes a big difference - the enzymes soak into the grouting and the problem is resolved at source!

How to use:

Remove excess soiling from area and apply the Biosol OC by sponge or spray, thoroughly wetting the surface. Leave for at least 30 minutes and clean in the normal way if required. Old or stubborn stains may require repeat applications.

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