Defibtech Lifeline Fully Automatic AED- high capacity Battery Pack

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Defibtech Lifeline Fully Automatic AED- high capacity Battery Pack
Code: MMDCF-E130-
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The Lifeline AUTO AED is a fully automatic defibrillator designed to analyse heart rhythms and automatically deliver a shock—without intervention—if needed

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The Lifeline AUTO AED is a fully automatic defibrillator designed to analyse heart rhythms and automatically deliver a shock—without intervention—if needed. The Lifeline AUTO AED includes all mission critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


The Lifeline AUTO has all the same features as the Lifeline AED; with the difference being that the shock is delivered automatically without the need to press the shock button. This makes the Lifeline AUTO even easier to use than the Lifeline AED and takes away the fear of the rescuer to use the defibrillator. If you feel uncomfortable about having the responsibility of delivering the shock or feel that your staff may feel this way then the Lifeline AUTO is ideal for you.


Saving lives at the push of a button

LIFELINE is the simplest AED to use, and has been designed by physicians so that ANYONE can save a life. In a study by the University of Illinois involving 5 market leading AEDs, participants were able to deliver a defibrillation shock with the LIFELINE AED quicker and more successfully than any of the other AEDs tested.

Clear verbal and visual instructions guide you through each step of the rescue. Combine this with the bright oversized buttons and an un-intimidating look and you have the equipment to go through the process of saving a life.

LIFELINE automatically detects when defibrillation is required, ensuring that treatment is only delivered when needed. The LIFELINE AUTO is able to identify and treat Ventricular Fibrillation, Ventricular Tachycardia and Supra-ventricular Tachycardia.


Low maintenance

LIFELINE is available with either a 5-year or industry-leading high capacity battery. LIFELINE automatically carries out diagnostic tests with no additional servicing required. A bright status indicator ensures that you are confident that the LIFELINE is ready to provide life-saving care.


Portable and lightweight

With a built-in handle and weighing just 1.9kg, the LIFELINE AUTO is portable, lightweight and can easily be stored and carried to a victim's side.



The LIFELINE AUTO is a durable piece of equipment, tested to military standards for use in even the most hostile of environments. The unit is weatherproof, and has rubberised handles and sides for ultimate protection from impact damage.


Future Proof

Your Lifeline AUTO can be upgraded on-site using unique data card technology. Within 3 minutes your AED can be updated with any legislation changes, at no additional cost.


Who Should Choose Lifeline AUTO?

If you are a non-medical organisation that is looking for a defibrillator that provides you with all the simplicity of use of the Lifeline AED but also removes the responsibility of having to press the button to deliver the shock then the Lifeline AUTO is the defibrillator for you. At a slightly higher price than the Lifeline AED, the Lifeline AUTO still offers excellent value for money.


Warranty - please note:

The warranty for the Lifeline unit is 8 years.  The warranty for the battery itself is 4 years. The high capacity battery shelf life is typical 7 years based on perfect conditions. If the battery requires changing between 4 and 7 years it won’t be covered under warranty.  The approximate life of the high capcity battery will be 7 years or 300 shocks.

Feature Value
Guarantee8 Years Unit and 3 Years Battery
Defibrillator TypeFully Automatic AED
Defibrillator RangeLifeline
Defibrillator ModelLifeline
Suitable ForAll Ages
Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H)22 x 30 x 7cm
Manufacturer Reference NumberDCF-E130
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Customer Questions & Answers about the Defibtech Lifeline Fully Automatic AED- high capacity Battery Pack answered by our expert team.

I understand that if the pads are used they will need to be replaced. Do you supply replacement pads and what cost please?
Date: 14/05/2018 | BY CHRIS WYNNE
That is correct. should you need to use your defibrillator the will in fact need replacing. please see the following link for replacemernt pads and pricing :
I hope this helps - Product sales team - 0800 612 9688

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Is this defibrillator suitable for paediatric and adults
Date: 05/10/2018 | BY NATALIE WINTER
This is suitable for all ages but it does require you to change the pads to suit different ages ranges, anyone under the age of 8 you would have to change the pads to paediatric Pads before use.

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