Wallace Cameron Mezzo Bodily Fluid and Sharps Kit for Safe Clean Up

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Fully equipped kit in robust plastic case Safe and effective disposal of bodily fluids waste

The Wallace Cameron Mezzo Body Fluid and Sharps Kit is an excellent utility kit to keep handy around the office or any workplace in case of an emergency. The kit includes equipment and provisions to safely and effectively clean and dispose of bodily fluids and contaminants such as blood and vomit, helping to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B.

The kit also includes a sharps dispenser for the safe removal of needles and sharp objects.

Contents of the Wallace Cameron Mezzo Bodily Fluids and Sharps Kit

Oversleeves 2
Gloves (Pairs) 2
Scoop and Scrapers 2
Bonded Wipes 4
Disinfectant Wipes 2
Disinfectant Sprays 2
Super Absorbent Powders 2
Biohazard bags 2
Aprons 2
Sharps Disposal Kit 1

More Information
Brand Wallace Cameron
Pack Size 1 per pack
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