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Category: Defibrillator Articles

School Safety: Why Use Defibrillators in Schools?

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Health and safety in a school setting is important for several reasons. Working in any space with young and potentially vulnerable people requires the right amount of safety assurance should they need medical attention. This is why we should ensure defibrillators in schools become commonplace. Defibrillators have recently become a much sought-after piece of equipment […]

What to Consider when Servicing Your Defibrillator

blog title image for what to consider when servicing your defibrillator

Over the last decade or two defibrillators have become more commonplace across towns and cities within the U.K. Small pieces of kit that enable the user to shock the patients’ heart back to health, defibrillators are lifesaving and still not as frequently found as they should be. Campaigns from such organisations as the Oliver King […]

What are the Side Effects of Defibrillator Shocks?

what are the side effects of defibrillator shocks blog title image

Defibrillators are brilliant machines with the potential to save lives and minimise after-effects of having a cardiac arrest. The defibrillators we’re talking about – automated electronic defibrillators, or AEDs – will be the most familiar to you. These medical devices have grown in popularity and accessibility across the last decade. This is due to campaigns […]

AEDs: What are they and why do we use them?

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What is it and why should I use one? An AED is a portable, automated external defibrillator that is used to aid those experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. Using an AED and performing CPR can double the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. But, every minute that passes reduces survival by around 7%. Being able to access a defibrillator is […]

SCA & Business Responsibility in 2020


What is SCA? People often confuse Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCAs) with heart attacks. A heart attack occurs when circulation issues block blood flow to the heart, whereas SCA occurs when the heart malfunctions and stops beating unexpectedly. So, a heart attack can be seen as somewhat of a “plumbing problem”, while SCA is more like […]

#StaySafe – CPR & Cross Contamination


CPR Has Changed As mentioned in our previous blog on First Aid Advice during COVID-19, officials are updating their guidance on First Aid and CPR protocols in light of the pandemic outbreak. This isn’t just relevant to First Aiders; all of the general public should be keeping an eye on these important updates to ensure […]

Happy Restart a Heart Day!

restart a heart day

October 16th is Restart a Heart Day, a campaign led by the Resuscitation Council to improve the survival rate of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests (SDAs). This public awareness day sees a partnership of many organisations, including The British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and Yorkshire Ambulance Service, all in hope to increase […]

Think Your Business Doesn’t Need a Defibrillator? Think Again.

business defibrillator

An automated external defibrillator – AED for short – is a life-saving device for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The presence of an AED allows any untrained user to rapidly respond to a life-threatening situation in any sort of environment. So, what places should provide AEDs? Businesses like schools, care homes and medical facilities may […]

The Complete Guide To Defibrillators

complete guide to defibrillators

As a provider of essential business supplies, we get asked a lot about defibrillators. Are they worth footing the bill, what do they do and so on and so forth. To answer your question, here is our complete guide to defibrillators. After a few brief articles in the past giving snapshot guides on these devices, […]