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Category: Washrooms & Hygiene

Workplace Hygiene Facilities you Need to Provide

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Whether you are new to setting up a business or an experienced hand, you will understand that there are certain things you want to provide for your employees to keep them safe. These factors are legal requirements and are set out on the HSE website. Workplace hygiene is a main focus of requirements. But there […]

Why Baby Changers are Important for Your Business.

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For any business that welcomes customers for a long period of time, washrooms are a must. Customer satisfaction would go through the floor if restaurants, entertainment or leisure venues didn’t provide washroom facilities for customers. And while these facilities are much needed, baby changing facilities are as much of a requirement as anything else you […]

The National Smell and Odour Complaints Report

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In the world of whiffs, there’s bad…and then there’s bad for your health. For some UK residents, the stench barometer might start at dog foul on pavements— a minor albeit unwelcoming inconvenience. But at the other end of the spectrum, cleaning chemicals, sewage plants, and commercial waste present more serious risks along with their naturally […]

How an Air Purifier Can Help Your Business

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The work of air purification has helped businesses come through the COVID-19 crisis in a much healthier way, allowing them to mitigate the risks of employees using office spaces as the virus still moves around the nation. An air purifier can be a great tool in reducing chances of many illnesses. Direct365 have worked hard […]

National Sickie Day – Common Sick Leave Reasons

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7th February 2022 is National Sickie Day. Statistically, the first Monday in February is the most common day that employees will take sick leave from work. Usually, a ‘sickie’ is a sick day taken when the person isn’t really that sick. Regardless of the reason, the day, first founded in 2011, is an awareness day […]

Top 10 Procedures and Practices of Nursery Hygiene

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Nurseries can be a hot bed of bugs and sickness. Children, as they should, muck about, play and man-handle anything and everything in their pursuit of making friends and acting their age. While this is all fun and games for the children, it leaves their minders and staff struggling to ensure they are keeping the […]

National Hygiene Week 2021

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What is Hygiene Poverty? Hygiene poverty is the struggle of not being able to afford the simple products that many people take for granted. Like having to share a toothbrush with members of their household because they can’t afford one of their own, or having to wear dirty clothes because they can’t afford the products […]