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Category: Washrooms & Hygiene

Top 10 Procedures and Practices of Nursery Hygiene

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Nurseries can be a hot bed of bugs and sickness. Children, as they should, muck about, play and man-handle anything and everything in their pursuit of making friends and acting their age. While this is all fun and games for the children, it leaves their minders and staff struggling to ensure they are keeping the […]

National Hygiene Week 2021

What is Hygiene Poverty? Hygiene poverty is the struggle of not being able to afford the simple products that many people take for granted. Like having to share a toothbrush with members of their household because they can’t afford one of their own, or having to wear dirty clothes because they can’t afford the products […]

What Washroom Vending Products Should You Supply?

You can always rely on a business having a washroom vending machine for the occasional “oops, I need one of those” moments… right? You’d certainly hope that convenience was guaranteed, however not all workplaces are on the washroom vending machine bandwagon, which can cause great disappointment and dissatisfaction in customers, staff and visitors. This article […]

How Can Air Purification Fight COVID-19?

air purification

What is Air Purification? Air purification devices remove contaminants from indoor air. This reduces air pollutants in the room – like odours, smoke, dust and pet dander – to consistently improve the air quality. It’s well known that air purifiers are beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as well as effective at reducing second-hand smoke, […]

Hand Hygiene in 2020: Washing vs. Sanitising

hand hygiene

Hand hygiene has been a huge part of the global response to COVID-19. While there are no figures for the direct contribution of hand hygiene to the spread of the pandemic, data strongly advocates both handwashing and alcohol-based rubs (hand sanitisers) to help prevent the spread of pathogens and infections. Soap or Sanitiser: Which is […]

BECO: Our New Soap Friends


At Direct365, we take pride in sourcing suppliers who go the extra mile to create products that are healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly. That’s why we’re thrilled to have started supplying BECO. soap in our Washroom and Hygiene range. “What’s so inspiring about soap?” You may ask… About the Soap Not only do BECO. have important […]

#StaySafe – Legionella Flushout


Legionella in Water Systems So, it’s looking like your business may be able to open up again soon, but have you been keeping an eye on your water systems? If your water flow has been stagnant for a while, this increases the risk of Legionella bacteria growing. This risk applies to most commercial buildings, not […]