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Dyson Airblade V vs Airforce Hand Dryer – Which is Best?

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Not all hand dryers are created equal. And while all have their merits, it can be difficult to choose between one model and another, especially if you’re not an expert. Luckily for you, we at Direct365 are experts when it comes to hand dryers. Our hand dryer buying guide successfully helps hundreds of customers discover […]

Predicted trends of futuristic bathrooms | Direct365

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Here’s a thought: the bathroom of the future. What does that look like to you? We gathered worldwide data and insights into futuristic bathroom features from Google Patents and Google Search and collaborated with experts to see what the future of bathrooms really looks like, from water-saving toilets, voice activated mirrors to smart hand dryers. […]

What Happens When Legionella Goes Unchecked in Your Business

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For businesses across the country, health and safety should be the first thing on the checklist when you start employing people. There are some standard health and safety things that will always get attention first. Things like fire safety, first aid and risk assessments. And some would say rightly so. But there are other things […]

Best Hand Dryers for Kids with Autism

The third blog in our latest hand dryer campaign is focused on which hand dryer facilities are best to autistic children. Nurseries and child’s play areas being the most common places a child might use a hand dryer. Finding the best hand dryer for kids with autism is often a difficult task for venues, so […]

Which are the Best Hand Dryers for Schools?

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Finding a hand dryer for any setting can be difficult. There are so many to choose from and when you see the range of prices and levels of functionality, it can all seem a bit of a blur. But believe it or not, there are better machines for different settings. There is a difference between […]

Handwashing at Work – The Advice Across Three Industries

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There’s a good chance that this isn’t the first thing you’ve seen written about the importance of handwashing in a working environment. COVID-19 has brought a strong focus on to handwashing throughout the community. But in workplaces, especially those dealing directly with customers, cleanliness is more important than ever. The public are more conscious of […]

Our Male Incontinence Service – Helping Men Live Well

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A subject that is rarely spoken about in the open is male incontinence. From news stories, online articles and TV programmes, the subject is infrequently mentioned as a topic of conversation. This is damaging male health and needs to change. But where do we start? Because there’s so little said about male incontinence that many […]

Direct365’s Best Black Friday Deals 2022

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It only feels like last week that our 2021 Black Friday sale ended, but here we are with another set of amazing deals. In the weeks and months leading up to the international sales event, we’ve scoured though our catalogue of products to find great deals and we think we have delivered again. So, what […]

SoluPak – Our New Sustainable Cleaning Solution

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For a number of months, it has been a focus of ours to widen our green cleaning range. The aim of Direct365 is to ensure small and medium sized businesses have the resources they need to thrive in their chosen market. Whether it is through waste management services or spill solutions, we are here to […]

Workplace Hygiene Facilities you Need to Provide

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Whether you are new to setting up a business or an experienced hand, you will understand that there are certain things you want to provide for your employees to keep them safe. These factors are legal requirements and are set out on the HSE website. Workplace hygiene is a main focus of requirements. But there […]