Do You Have These 7 Essential Supplies in Your Washroom?

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Rejuvenate your restroom with these must-have products you can’t afford to overlook. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your washroom says a lot about your business. That goes for all businesses, from small cafés to large offices. So why are there still so many appalling washrooms out there? Whether it’s running out […]

Research by parents reveals inadequate baby changing facilities

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Research from Direct365, a leading online provider of essential workplace products and services, has revealed the top five products parents expect to find in public baby changing facilities. Working with parents across the UK, the research also found that some outlets are failing to meet even a minimum standard expected by parents, and this would […]

Bad Toilets give a Bad Reputation

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A recent YouGov survey discovered that 97% of adult Brits would be put off returning to a restaurant or pub that had poor toilets. This data comes across as a warning that repeated business is affected by a lack of care. Online ratings are especially important with 85% consumers trusting online reviews as much as […]

Direct365 launch baby based videos to improve changing facilities

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Here at Direct365 we’re big advocates of high standard baby changing facilities to make life easier for busy parents. We provide a range of affordable baby changing products including changing tables, safety seats and nappy bins, approved to British standards whilst safety, hygiene and comfort are at the forefront of our innovations. That’s why we […]

The BABIES Act: Why isn’t there a UK Equivalent?

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Legislation comes in a wide number of forms, from health and safety, environment, to bizarre longstanding laws such as it being illegal to be drunk in public. Different countries have different laws of course, the most commonly highlighted disparity is the fact that it is legal to carry a handgun in the USA but not […]

Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers: The Long Feud

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Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers

Like Dogs vs Cats, United vs City, or Coke vs Pepsi, there has been a long and bitter rivalry that has split people for as long as anyone can remember. There have been reports, experiments, and everything else and no conclusion on whether paper towels or hand dryers are better. Hell’s Decibels The debate surrounding paper towels and hand […]

What Should You Have For Your Baby Changing Facilities?

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When thinking of baby changing facilities, it is important to consider what is necessary. This is to ensure that your customers have everything they need to complete a nappy change in the most hygienic way possible. Baby Changer Having a good baby changer that fits the room without compromising the space is vital for providing […]