It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For A Baby Changer)

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christmas hospitality Supplies

It’s close to Christmas which mean the inevitable countdown calendars and adverts to yank, pull and squeeze the heartstrings. If you’ve followed the news; Iceland won by a milestone with the depiction of deforestation told through the story of a child and orangutan. For small businesses like yourselves, this Christmas, our only message to you […]

The Beer Necessities: Bar Essentials

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bar and tableware supplies

Does your clientele have a particular poison? According to research by Absolut Vodka, the UK’s favourite cocktail is the porn star martini.  Ordered on the daily at 40,000 different restaurants and bars across the country. Now, keeping afloat with the right liquor license and business insurance is one thing. The other is finding a way […]

Glue Boards

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glue boards

Are Glue boards illegal? Animal welfare campaigners believe these devices are cruel and inhumane, leaving mice and rats trapped to their death. Supporting this impression, 68% of the public would support a UK ban. New Zealand and Ireland have already led this change by banning them altogether. While it seems fair to acknowledge the cruelty […]

Fly Zappers

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best fly zappers

No-one enjoys flies buzzing around. The pests flit around your face, ruin food and cause general distress. One community in Llanelli has faced “biblical” amounts of flies. The cause of this catastrophe?   It’s said to be because of the poor pest control management of a local scrap metal site. Leading droves and droves to […]

Crocodoil – Tattooists New Best Friend

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tattoo aftercare 2018

When a tattoo goes wrong, it goes wrong for everybody involved. The tattooist has to face up to touch ups and damage control; the customer has to deal with a pretty expensive blunder.   Anyone who carries out a service for you is bound by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, where services should be at […]

How To Choose The Right Health and Safety Signs

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safety signs supplies

Safety signs and signals are covered under The Health and Safety Regulations 1996.   The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states “Signs must be clear and legible, and should be used to identify actions that are prohibited, safeguards that must be followed, warning of a hazard”.   So, are they really needed? Is this just […]

Urinal Cleaning Products

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urinal cleaning products

It’s a given notion that the public toilet is the dirtiest area of a washroom. Slathering copious amounts of toilet roll around the seat to protect from believed germs and bacteria.   Well, the surprise is, you’re more than likely going to catch an infection from the faecal matter particles hidden on the door handle […]

Sanitary Bins

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sanitary bins

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that men and women should have suitable sanitary conveniences in the washroom. Sanitary bins cover the hygienic requirements of babies, women and the infirm all in one unit.   Sanitary and waste Why bother with a bin when you can flush it all down the toilet? […]

Commercial Hair Dryers UK

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commercial hair dryers uk

Are you in the market for a new hairdryer for your business? Let us share some insight into the range of hair dryers Direct365 have to offer. Wall mounted hair dryer Valera Professional Hair Dryer With Fitted Plug The Valera hair dryer is a great choice for salon owners. With three air temperature settings, two […]