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Direct365 Reviews: the PHS Airstream Pure Hand Dryer

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We understand that it can be hard to quite understand which hand dryer to buy for your business, and what the different features mean in the real world. Most businesses we work with don’t have much of a clue what they need, and that’s why they turn to us. But with this in mind, we […]

Dyson Airblade V vs Airforce Hand Dryer – Which is Best?

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Not all hand dryers are created equal. And while all have their merits, it can be difficult to choose between one model and another, especially if you’re not an expert. Luckily for you, we at Direct365 are experts when it comes to hand dryers. Our hand dryer buying guide successfully helps hundreds of customers discover […]

Worst Weather on Record? Britain, Businesses and Cold Weather

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The weather this week has been borderline arctic, with temperatures hitting -6 degrees in daylight. While this is pretty wild, there’s a good chance that these conditions will replicate as we enter 2023 and over the next few years. Average temperatures in the coldest January on record sit at -1.9 degrees, which is considerably warmer […]

Your Business Guide to Gritting

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While safety is an important aspect for your business all year round, the weather during winter offers a unique risk to staff and visitors. The level of risk changes depending on what your business does, with the size of the premises dictating how the winter weather impacts you. For more, gritting is a necessity during […]

SoluPak – Our New Sustainable Cleaning Solution

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For a number of months, it has been a focus of ours to widen our green cleaning range. The aim of Direct365 is to ensure small and medium sized businesses have the resources they need to thrive in their chosen market. Whether it is through waste management services or spill solutions, we are here to […]

Products – 8 Items all Schools Need Ahead of September

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It feels like schools have only just broken up but most people are already looking ahead to the start of the new school year. As the first week of August passes, there’s only a few more weeks until teachers head back to the classroom. Here are a few business-essential products your school needs: Back to […]

Why Baby Changers are Important for Your Business.

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For any business that welcomes customers for a long period of time, washrooms are a must. Customer satisfaction would go through the floor if restaurants, entertainment or leisure venues didn’t provide washroom facilities for customers. And while these facilities are much needed, baby changing facilities are as much of a requirement as anything else you […]

Fire Risk Assessment: What Items to be Aware Of

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Your business has a responsibility to ensure your workplace is safe for employees, visitors, and all stakeholders that you work with. Legally, you are required to do certain things to ensure the safety of your business. One of these is to frequently complete a fire risk assessment. Fire risk assessments help you discover where there […]

Sustainable Kitchen: How to Run a Green Food Business

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The word on everybody’s lips right now is sustainable. No industry can avoid the fact that business practices around the world are being scrutinised and pushed to become even greener than they already are. Catering and restaurant businesses are already being encouraged to become more eco-friendly with sustainable kitchen practices. And as the small business […]

5 Tips for Good Workplace Hygiene

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Workplace hygiene is always important, but depending on the industry you work in, there could be a greater need to ensure better cleanliness. During times of heightened illness, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a finer focus on hygiene. Asking your employees to practice basic hygiene isn’t an unrealistic ask at any time. Direct365 […]