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Category: Business Supplies

5 Tips for Good Workplace Hygiene

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Workplace hygiene is always important, but depending on the industry you work in, there could be a greater need to ensure better cleanliness. During times of heightened illness, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a finer focus on hygiene. Asking your employees to practice basic hygiene isn’t an unrealistic ask at any time. Direct365 […]

Pandemic Response for UK Businesses in 2020


Direct365 Lockdown Response Since the pandemic crisis, we’ve been on emergency response to help customers, old and new. In the first instance, this involved halting regular services for businesses that had to close or migrate to home working, introducing new services like domestic shredding and commercial cleaning, and stocking enough of the well-sought-after emergency supplies, […]

#StaySafe – Hygiene Safety Mats

hygiene mats

Basic hygiene practices and maintaining safe distances are both crucial to prevent the spread of viruses, so we now offer a range of bespoke mats to bring attention to this. Remind staff and visitors to wash their hands or sanitise properly with our hygiene floor mats, suitable for a range of areas in all sorts […]

#StaySafe – First Aid Advice on COVID-19

first aid

First Aid is incredibly important in day-to-day life, and this remains the case as the UK deals with the recent pandemic outbreak. St John Ambulance have released new advice so that anyone required to perform First Aid can continue to care for others whilst also keeping themselves safe. Updated First Aid Guidance During the COVID-19 […]

Sanitise Your Workplace

sanitise your workplace

Sanitation is important, especially in the workplace When you think of Health and Safety, you may think of complex regulations to do with Fire Risk Assessments, Employee Training or Electrical Safety, but it’s vital to not overlook simple hygiene. Proper cleanliness is growing in significance, especially in places with lots of people, so businesses in […]

Bamboo Uprising: The Cheeky Panda Products

bamboo uprising

The Cheeky Panda is a young and innovative company proudly boasting “Ultra Sustainable” products. They offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional paper products like toilet rolls, kitchen towels, tissues and wipes by using 100% FSC certified Virgin Bamboo. The Cheeky Panda Values What is Ultra Sustainable? Created in 2016, The Cheeky Panda set a goal […]

The Benefits of Crate Hire


So you need to store or transport some things for your business, and you’re trying to get together all the cardboard boxes you can find, but they just can’t handle the load. Stop. If you don’t know about rentable crates then let us give you all the information you need. If you’ve considered them but […]

Choosing Chefwear: From Top to Bottoms


The signature outfit worn by chefs worldwide is rich in both history and culture. Everyone who dons the clothing should be proud that the age-old profession is just as strong if not more than it’s ever been, with tv shows, booming business and countless cookbooks adorning the shelves of the common public. Chef outfits that […]