Confidential Waste Disposal Regulations

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confidential waste disposal

Before we start talking about how to dispose of confidential waste, it’s a good shout to find out what it is, which is personal information. Personal information is anything that identifies an individual. This is more far-reaching than just a name; including everything from their address, bank details, employee ID and much more.   So, […]

Why Buildings need an asbestos survey

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asbestos management survey

Any building constructed before the year 2000 could contain potentially lethal amounts of asbestos within its structure. Asbestos was very popular from the 60s to 90s before research revealed the life-threatening implications.   Toilet cisterns, padding, tiles and pipes are just a few items that could contain asbestos. As buildings deteriorate, the higher the likelihood […]

Three Key Tips for Restaurant startups

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restaurant start

  The presumption that a startup becomes a kitchen nightmare is just smoke and mirrors. Did you know that in 2016, the UK restaurant industry generated a turnover of approximately 34.9 billion British pounds? Now, you’ve worked for years, took out the capital and are ready to pursue your passion in the restaurant business. Maybe […]

Credit Apathy for UK SME

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credit apathy

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce suggested that over half of UK businesses have not attempted to apply for finance over the past year. With the bulk of companies interviewed looking to invest in critical areas such as IT and data securities, staff training and marketing and advertising. What’s the reason to hesitate when […]

Urinal Cleaning Products

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urinal cleaning products

It’s a given notion that the public toilet is the dirtiest area of a washroom. Slathering copious amounts of toilet roll around the seat to protect from believed germs and bacteria.   Well, the surprise is, you’re more than likely going to catch an infection from the faecal matter particles hidden on the door handle […]

Commercial Hair Dryers UK

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commercial hair dryers uk

Are you in the market for a new hairdryer for your business? Let us share some insight into the range of hair dryers Direct365 have to offer. Wall mounted hair dryer Valera Professional Hair Dryer With Fitted Plug The Valera hair dryer is a great choice for salon owners. With three air temperature settings, two […]

UK PAT Testing

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uk pat testing

What is PAT testing, what’s the law and how often is it needed? PAT (portable appliance testing) means conducting routine safety checks on electrical appliances; this is especially important in commercial premises. Pat tests ensure that everyone from employees to customers isn’t at risk of any injury. Visual examination is an essential part of the […]

Not part of the Job

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protection of workers bill retail

  Violence shouldn’t happen in any job. Well, unless you’re a boxer or UFC fighter that’s expected. For those who work in the retail sector, violence and abuse at work have become “just part of the job”, with 92% of retail workers in Scotland having endured physical and/or verbal abuse at work.   There are […]

Office Meeting Tips

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office meeting tips

  How to NOT conduct an office meeting   The meeting goes ahead even with staff missing. A slow shuffle to the boardroom, the group gathers together to discuss the weekly period review. The muddy powerpoint template laid upon a backwash of Times New Roman font and monotone delivery drains the room of all energy. […]