Dirt, Filth, Sickness. Is Your Mat Up To Scratch?

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mat service

There’s dirt in the air. Think of the typical working day, from when you, your staff and visitors enter through the door. Your first line of defence is the entrance matting. It doesn’t matter how often your cleaners vacuum and dust the interiors, if you’re not doing anything about the entrance mats, then the overall […]

Hydration In The Workplace

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hydration at work

This weekend is set to be the hottest all year, with temperatures around the UK to be estimated between 25-30C. While this is excellent news for those looking for a quick weekend beach holiday when it comes back to work, warm weather brings dehydration.   Dehydration in the workplace Managing workplace temperature is a day-to-day […]

Google My Business: Five Years Later

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Are you using Google My Business? Since it was released in 2014, Google My Business has offered businesses around the world a way to make their company more visible on the search engine. Five years on, we take a look into what the platform offers and what possible future changes are in store.   Google […]

Hot Water Boilers: A Kettle-Free Life

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Hot Boiling Water

We spend a lot of our time waiting around. In fact, the UK citizen spends on average, 169 hours of their life queueing around. That equates to a whole week just spent waiting. Anything that can help lessen the time we spend on earth waiting is a godsend, and that makes doubly sure for any […]

Grease Fire Prevention Done Well

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kitchen grease fire

One minute you’re running the day-to-day operations of your fast food operation. The next minute your kitchens up in flames. How did it get to this point? In this guide, we’ll teach the dangers of kitchen fires and how to prevent them from possibly ruining your business.   Grease Fires In The Kitchen Grease fires […]

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: A Good Clean Can Do Wonders

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According to fire statistics between April 2015 to March 2016, cooking appliances were the source of ignition in 50 per cent of accidental dwelling fires. With commercial premises, this comes from a failure to remove combustible grease deposits from the cooking extract ductwork by a good regular clean. The examples are numerous, just last in Droylsden, […]

Good Work Plan: Employer Overview

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good work plan

Following Brexit, the government have stated that they will not only maintain UK workers rights but enhance them. The Good Work Plan devised by Matthew Taylor, the chief executive for the royal society of arts and previous policy adviser to Tony Blair. After a two year long review, the results are here. What does the […]

Hotels – Recharge Your Floorcare!

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recharge floorcare

The hotel industry is one of the most important and profitable sectors in the United Kingdom. Just last year, the industry generated a turnover of 19.4 billion British pounds. What makes a good hotel is customer satisfaction, yielding repeat visits and 5* reviews. After all, no one wants to have a bad stay. Did you […]

Music License Regulations

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music license regulations

Small businesses go through a ridiculous amount of red tape. The majority makes sense, you can understand why employee safety should be a priority. On the other hand, dubious parking charges may as well take a long walk off a short pier.   Take for instance the following scenario.   You’re cutting hair. You’re looking […]