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Category: Small Business Guidance

Which Hand Dryer is Best for You?

If you’re not familiar with the world of hand dryers, it can be an unusual market to navigate. There are a number of options and features that can be beneficial to your business or workplace, but there may also be a number of features that you don’t need, too. Why do you Need a Hand […]

Plastic Free Beauty Day – Turn your Salon Green

Blog title on a green background with an image of a beauty salon.

Ensuring that your businesses become more eco-friendly should be one of the top aims as you move forward and grow your business. Yet many industries are struggling to uncover what this looks like, and how they can do it. While large businesses have extra cash and resource to dedicate to their green initiatives, small businesses […]

How to Have Meaningful Conversations with Customers

Title of blog on a green background with customer service image attached,

Holding meaningful and often difficult conversations happen on a frequent basis for many people. For businesses, this can mean talking between colleagues, visitors and suppliers, but it can also mean focusing on what you say to customers. While customer service is key, so are how you speak with customers. Communicating is a important part of […]

4 Examples of Great Customer Service

Blog title with an image of customer service persons.

Some businesses find it easier to give bolder, more eye-catching customer service moments. But regardless of the stunts big businesses pull, you can always offer customers the type of helpful, honest service that customers expect. Customers value good customer service. If you’re unsure how to go about that we’ve created a great blog about creating […]

Workplace Hygiene Facilities you Need to Provide

blog title with a picture of a grey washroom on it, on a wine coloured background

Whether you are new to setting up a business or an experienced hand, you will understand that there are certain things you want to provide for your employees to keep them safe. These factors are legal requirements and are set out on the HSE website. Workplace hygiene is a main focus of requirements. But there […]