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Category: Small Business Guidance

Waste Regulations for Pet Grooming Salons

waste regulations groomers

It can be difficult to find specific licenses that apply to pet grooming services. Waste Regulations sometimes seem generic, without going into the nitty-gritty of day-to-day grooming practices. So we’ve stepped in to save the day and detailed some of the must-know tips about pet grooming waste to help businesses stay compliant. What’s the deal? […]

Lower Your Business’s Energy Usage in 4 Simple Steps

energy costs

Make the Most of Natural Light It sounds obvious, but how many business’s actually make use of natural sunlight instead of using artificial lighting all day? The sun is a free resource – if your company has windows and skylights then stop drawing the blinds and start saving money. According to Energy Saving Trust, the […]

Is Water Free? What Employers Need To Know.

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  As summer continues, we’ve experienced temperatures hitting astronomic highs, with July being the hottest on record reaching 38.1C. Granted with the weather getting this sufferable you may be drinking water a lot more lately to stay hydrated.  Have your employees been feeling the same, acting more sluggish?    In this article, we discuss your […]