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What Impact do Small Businesses Have on Pollution?

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Climate change has become on of the top concerns of the general public in the last decade. According to Yougov, 20% of people think the climate emergency that we face is the most important societal concern. Compare that with back in 2011, when this figure was as low as 7%, and it’s easy to understand […]

Glastonbury and Beyond: Your Personal Guide to Festival Hygiene

Festivals are a staple of the Great British summer. No matter what the weather, as soon as June comes, festival grounds around the country are prepped to take in thousands of eager music loves for a long weekend of tunes, food trucks and… dodgy toilets. For every endless summer’s day, there’s also an endless queue […]

The 5 Things Businesses Need to Know About Commercial Waste

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If you’re a small business, it’s likely you started working on the concept because it was a dream for you to be able to work doing what you liked. And there’s a good chance that you didn’t start up your business to get bogged down in regulations. Dealing with regulatory laws is never fun, but […]

Injury Awareness Week 2024 – Most Common Workplace Injuries

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Each year the HSE (Health and Safety executive) publish their findings on workplace injuries for the previous year. This workplace safety report tells the most common causes of injury across workplaces in the UK. The 2023 edition is out now, and makes for interesting reading for companies up and down the country. Taking a look […]

What is in the 2024 General Election Manifestos for Carers?

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The general election has soon come around, and halfway through the campaign period and all parties have released their manifesto. One of the big talking points this year has been the drastic need to improve social care, with care workers and the care system in dramatic need of an overhaul and investment. But do you […]

How prepared are you if someone suffers a cardiac arrest at work?

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Access to a defibrillator can increase survival rates by 50-70%. With 30,000 cardiac arrests in the UK last year, knowing how to use one is crucial. But if someone collapses, do you know how to resuscitate them? And if you do, is there a defibrillator nearby? We surveyed 2000 workers across the UK to uncover […]

Direct365 Acquisition of Synergy Waste Solutions Ltd

We are writing to you to let you know of the exciting acquisition of Synergy Waste Solutions by Direct365. At Direct365, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you once again. We are working hard to make sure you continue to experience the high level of service you are used to receiving from the […]

Why Should I Conduct a Workplace Risk Assessment?

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Ensuring that your premises is a safe place to work should be high on the agenda of any business owner or manager. As well as being laws in place to ensure businesses do this, there is a strong moral argument too. As a business leader you should want to provide a safe, secure environment for […]

The Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Get Help with Debt

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It’s no secret that times are hard for businesses across the country, following a few years of a difficult business landscape. We won’t keep going over the details that you’ve heard before, but numerous businesses have had to go down so many avenues to ensure their future, and many of them have ended up in […]

These are the Things Families Care About the Most at Care Homes

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When it’s time to look at care homes, families are rightly interested in several core things. It’s a big decision to approach, and making the right one can impact the lives of even the wider family. So doing research into which care homes have good reputations, facilities and more is the number one job of […]