Should Businesses Do More To Be Green?

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When it comes to recycling in the workplace the statistics are mostly positive, with our most recent survey revealing that overall as many as 72% of people recycle items at work. This figure is propped up by the older generation, and pulled down by the younger generation. In the 18-24 age bracket, only 68% are […]

An empty toy story – What retail can learn from the Toys R Us Closure

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28th February 2018. Forlorn UK shoppers will remember this as the day retail outlet Toys R Us went into administration. As crowds of people cry out why this happened, online opinions seem to come to a similar consensus. Levelled complaints against online retailers and the changing preference in today’s society. But, is this the real reason […]

How to prevent a data breach

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Personal information is the currency of the digital age. Companies compete with one another to market accordingly to the consumer. However, storing such information has led to many breaches over the years. In the wake of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a data breach can destroy a company’s reputation and finances. How could your data […]

The price of waste and safety: Keep your agricultural business compliant

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A farmer’s life isn’t easy. As with all agricultural businesses, excessive waste can accumulate from the service undertaken to keep Britain fed. However, the law no longer exempts farmers from dealing with waste as they see fit. With the UK focusing on its own environmental impacts, here’s how the law has affected farms across the […]