Twitter Fingers: The Worst Business Owner Blunders

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business owner mistakes

What are your values? As a business owner, do you lead by example or simply stay in the background? Reputation, culture, presence; they are more than just simple terminologies, your opinions as a business owner impact the company. If you’re a volatile twitter user, you’ll see how that can go sideways. If you’ve got a […]

Top 10: Express yourself with a logo mat

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top ten logo mats banner

Considering a logo mat for your business? Before you go thinking they’re just for show and a useless expense, take a look at the following ten examples. You might just change your mind!   Skip scrolling, click to find one! Functional: No Smoking Nifty: Make A Pattern Stylish: Feature Compass Eye-Opening – Colourful Exchange Educational […]

How SMEs Can Demonstrate Social Value

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In a recent declaration by Lancashire city council, they have opened the floodgates for small businesses in the region. Allowing them the opportunity to bid for contracts to supply food to the committee and its schools. On one condition.   Bidders will have to demonstrate their “social value”. This isn’t just some thrown-together buzzword to […]

Three Key Tips for Restaurant startups

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restaurant start

  The presumption that a startup becomes a kitchen nightmare is just smoke and mirrors. Did you know that in 2016, the UK restaurant industry generated a turnover of approximately 34.9 billion British pounds? Now, you’ve worked for years, took out the capital and are ready to pursue your passion in the restaurant business. Maybe […]

Credit Apathy for UK SME

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credit apathy

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce suggested that over half of UK businesses have not attempted to apply for finance over the past year. With the bulk of companies interviewed looking to invest in critical areas such as IT and data securities, staff training and marketing and advertising. What’s the reason to hesitate when […]

Sorry, I don’t take cash.

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cash vs card banner

  When was the last time you paid for something with your card?   Card and contactless have ended up overtaking notes and coins as the principal payment method for purchases. That’s everything from fuel, shopping and trips to the pub.   Although, It’s unlikely your local car-boot sale or farmers market has access to […]

Should Businesses Do More To Be Green?

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small business green recycling

When it comes to recycling in the workplace the statistics are mostly positive, with our most recent survey revealing that overall as many as 72% of people recycle items at work. This figure is propped up by the older generation, and pulled down by the younger generation. In the 18-24 age bracket, only 68% are […]

Is your business prepared for winter weather?

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Winter weather arises a host of issues for employers and employees alike. Anything from sickness to car trouble and everything in between. One thing you can control is the safety of your businesses premises.   Why is winter safety important? The ‘Health and Safety at Work act 1974’ requires employers to take appropriate steps to […]

Online Writing Tools to Improve Productivity

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Seven online writing tools Writing isn’t easy. Coming up with an idea can seem impossible at times. Crafting words to relay what’s in your head can feel fruitless, and distractions will get the better of you. You can’t dispel these, but you can curb them. The internet is full to the brim with tools and […]