How Workplace Wellbeing Can Benefit Your Small Business

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When it comes down to workplace wellbeing, it’s not the size of your business that matters, but the approach you take to managing your employee’s wellbeing. When things go wrong in a small company, the problems are magnified, with one-third of SME employees experiencing a mental health problem during their working life. Being a good […]

Management Advice – The Best Solution To Leading A Resilient Team

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Personality clashes happen all the time, especially in the workplace. Perhaps it’s the person who brings in microwaved fish, go-getters, procrastinators or the too-much-information weekday weekenders. These clashes are unavoidable in the workplace. As a manager, you have the responsibility to keep the glue held together and navigate around this minefield in a human and […]

Flexible Working: Managing Homeworkers 101

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Flexible Working

Small businesses around the nation utterly nail down the one thing big businesses struggle with the most, that’s flexibility. For instance, take homeworking. Large corporations are tied down by red tape with their reluctance in advocating homeworking. The knee-jerk reaction is that lack of a physical presence encourages lower levels of productivity. That is the […]

Managing stress at work

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You’re having a bad day, and browsing inspirational photo messages just won’t cut it? You’re not alone on that front. Apparently, people who post “inspirational” quotes on FaceBook are more easily duped in posting and sharing fake news articles as well. On a more serious note, work-related stress is a serious issue among the UK […]

Office Meeting Tips

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office meeting tips

  How to NOT conduct an office meeting The meeting goes ahead even with staff missing. A slow shuffle to the boardroom, the group gathers together to discuss the weekly period review. The muddy powerpoint template laid upon a backwash of Times New Roman font and monotone delivery drains the room of all energy. Yawns, […]

Combatting SAD – Winter Wellbeing at Work

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Seasonal Affective Disorder, often summarised as SAD is a depressive illness caused by shortened daylight hours and a lack of sunlight. Dark and gloomy during the commute into work. Dark and gloomy for the closing hours and commute home. The winter months are a testing time in the workplace. Employee mental health, wellbeing and productivity […]

Work Martyrs, and the Importance of a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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For many, the title of ‘workaholic’ is something to be aspired towards. Being seen to be wholly dedicated to putting the hours in, above all else, is an achievement to some employees and employers.However, the benefits of this ethic are… questionable. Work Matyrs, the deadly truth.   Work Martyrdom The idea of a ‘Workaholic’ doing […]

How To Make Your Workspace as Productive as Possible

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We need space to be productive, we need places to go to be free. — Laure Lacornette       When striving for greater productivity, it can be all too easy to solely blame yourself, and think that focusing your thoughts and actions will miraculously make you more productive. Sometimes, not always. Your surroundings and […]

Employee Incentives – Finding the Middle Ground

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According to our recent study of over 750 people, as many as 61% of people in the UK believe they don’t get enough employee incentives at their place of work. The importance of employee morale and worker satisfaction cannot be overlooked by businesses, with regards to both productivity and financial efficiency. Losing and hiring employees […]

Rejection Perfection: How to Say No

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Quick Quiz! Q: What’s the worst thing to hear at work? “We’re out of coffee” “How does a few hours overtime sound?” The fire alarm “Hey, can you do me a favour?”   A: “Hey, can you do me a favour?”   Okay, we may have made that quiz a bit hard. The fire alarm […]