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7 Reasons Why Employees are Taking Sickies

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Many employees enjoy their jobs. Working for a living is a reality of life, and most people get on without any major problems. But there are times when people will need to take time off. Sickness is a natural part of life, but when employees take sick days without any need, questions need to be […]

Positive Steps for Men’s Health Month in the Workplace

There have been strong steps to promote male mental health across society over the last decade. Helping people open up about things going on inside their head is a completely positive experience. But there are still serious inroads to be made around male physical health, and there is still a lot not being done in […]

Handwashing at Work – The Advice Across Three Industries

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There’s a good chance that this isn’t the first thing you’ve seen written about the importance of handwashing in a working environment. COVID-19 has brought a strong focus on to handwashing throughout the community. But in workplaces, especially those dealing directly with customers, cleanliness is more important than ever. The public are more conscious of […]

Fire Safety Risk Assessment: What to Know About the New Rules

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When it comes to health and safety at work, fire safety is a big part of keeping people safe. It isn’t just about stopping fires, but avoiding them happening in the first place. And it’s here where your fire safety risk assessment comes into it. This level of preparedness is set out in the Fire […]

6 Tips to Create a Healthier Office

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With the autumn gone and the winter soon to be taking shape, the sound of coughs and sniffles will be reverberating around the workplace and sure to steal us of a few working days too. This will happen to all businesses, but there are simple ways to reduce the chances of employees getting sick by […]

4 Day Working Week Trial – Halfway Findings

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Three months ago, 180 companies started a trial to find the effectiveness and impact of reducing the 5-day working week to a 32-hour, 4 day working week. This trial was started to bring some more solid proof to the idea that shorter weeks both improve productivity over the same period and improve employee satisfaction and […]

Workplace Stress – How You Can Help Your Employees

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Every April since 2003, the Stress Management Society have run Stress Awareness Month. SAM is aimed at awareness and advice to those who may be struggling with stress, and for their closer contacts to notice the signs too. Direct365 try to shine a light on issues impacting all small businesses, from hygiene, to health and […]

5 Interesting Facts About Workplace Hygiene

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While this shouldn’t have been the case, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus how hygiene between person and person can end up impacting a lot of people. We have seen how infection can transmit as easily as simply standing near someone. But what does that tell us about how sickness can spread through […]

What is the 4-day Work Week Trial?

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There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the 4-day working week, and whether that would be beneficial to businesses and employees alike. It is fair to say that the scheme divides opinion, with traditionalists often shunning the idea, while younger employees open and receptive to a greater balance between work and […]

National Sickie Day – Common Sick Leave Reasons

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7th February 2022 is National Sickie Day. Statistically, the first Monday in February is the most common day that employees will take sick leave from work. Usually, a ‘sickie’ is a sick day taken when the person isn’t really that sick. Regardless of the reason, the day, first founded in 2011, is an awareness day […]