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Category: Managing Workers

Workplace Stress – How You Can Help Your Employees

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Every April since 2003, the Stress Management Society have run Stress Awareness Month. SAM is aimed at awareness and advice to those who may be struggling with stress, and for their closer contacts to notice the signs too. Direct365 try to shine a light on issues impacting all small businesses, from hygiene, to health and […]

What is the 4-day Work Week Trial?

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the 4-day working week, and whether that would be beneficial to businesses and employees alike. It is fair to say that the scheme divides opinion, with traditionalists often shunning the idea, while younger employees open and receptive to a greater balance between work and […]

National Sickie Day – Common Sick Leave Reasons

7th February 2022 is National Sickie Day. Statistically, the first Monday in February is the most common day that employees will take sick leave from work. Usually, a ‘sickie’ is a sick day taken when the person isn’t really that sick. Regardless of the reason, the day, first founded in 2011, is an awareness day […]

Our Top 7 Construction Site Safety Tips

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Safety is the single most important part of operating a construction site. While the project itself is the reason you’re there, without the correct safety precautions in place you’ll be lucky to last very long at all. It should be one of your primary concerns to keep your workers and the general public as safe […]

Workplace Return: 6 Easy Steps to Stay Safe & Compliant


Amidst the COVID-19 panic, when workplaces were told to work from home, many companies up and ran from their premises. So, now that it’s time to go back, have you ensured that the workplace is suitable to return to? Issues like cleanliness, distancing and sufficient supplies and services all need to be addressed before you […]

Mental Health First Aid

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First Aid brings to mind physical injuries, but how can workplaces act to help health issues when they’re not so visibly clear? The month of November sees a lot of mental health focus in the UK, encouraging businesses to look deeper into wellbeing and understand factors like stress, bullying and discrimination in the workplace. National […]

Managing Fatigue: How To Help You And Your Workers


Sleep, proper rest and a focused mind are often heralded time and time again as the best factors for a successful and happy worker. For small business owners, this is easier said than done. You wear a lot of hats, juggling multiple responsibilities from day-to-day.  Switching off isn’t an option.  However, this non-stop workflow building […]

How Workplace Wellbeing Can Benefit Your Small Business


When it comes down to workplace wellbeing, it’s not the size of your business that matters, but the approach you take to managing your employee’s wellbeing. When things go wrong in a small company, the problems are magnified, with one-third of SME employees experiencing a mental health problem during their working life. Being a good […]

Management Advice – The Best Solution To Leading A Resilient Team

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Personality clashes happen all the time, especially in the workplace. Perhaps it’s the person who brings in microwaved fish, go-getters, procrastinators or the too-much-information weekday weekenders. These clashes are unavoidable in the workplace. As a manager, you have the responsibility to keep the glue held together and navigate around this minefield in a human and […]