The Different Types Of Clinical Waste Disposal

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Managing waste and dealing with all the laws and regulations is a tough business. Ever since the 2005 hazardous waste regulations became law, all clinical waste disposal must be disposed of in the interest of environmental and public health. As a leading management provider, we offer over 20 different waste disposal options. Our clinical and […]

Glass Recycling UK

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Glass Recycling UK

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall Ten green bottles hanging on the wall And if one green bottle should accidentally fall, There’ll be nine green bottles hanging on the wall. And one mess that needs cleaning up!   Glass can be melted down to make new bottles, jars and windows over and over again. […]

Clinical Waste Bins

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Accidental needle stick injuries are a real hazard to healthcare professionals. It’s estimated between 11-14 injuries happen per 100 hospital beds per year. Without taking into account other industries like tattooists, beauticians and veterinarians, the potential number of injuries could be much higher.     There is a chance that being stuck with a used […]

Why hire a skip?

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Skip Hire Rental: Direct365 If you’re planning a massive clearout or in charge of a construction project, a skip will come in plenty handy when dealing with the bric-a-brac collected and in dire need of disposal. As a business owner here’s what you’ll need to know before hiring a skip, and what we can do […]

UK festivals feeling the pressure to go green

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  Rites of passage, summer festivals have become the trending tradition for audiences across all ages. In fact, in 2015 over 3 million people attended a music festival in the UK.  With so much choice on where to go and who to see, it’s not hard to imagine why the British love a good festival. […]

The new waste enforcement regulations for 2018

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The UK aims to be plastic free by 2042 but, the longer goals for the UK is zero avoidable waste by 2050. Waste law amendments in recent years have put an ever-growing pressure on the threat of fly-tippers and irresponsible businesses. It’s not just the law who are tired of it, but, the community too. […]

Trust in Pets. Trust In Vets. Campaigns and Clinical Waste.

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Trust your vet is a new government-backed campaign encouraging pet owners to accept vet advice that antibiotics might not always be the only answer. Yet, the British Veterinary Association found the majority of Pet owners expect antibiotics when they visit.   Why not give it then? All you need to know about Antibacterial Resistance The […]

Disposing of Sharps: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Business Compliant

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sharps disposal

Waste Management can seem like a whirlwind of regulations, especially if you’re a new business owner or if you face changes in your waste disposal needs. Don’t panic! Free yourself from stressing over what to do with waste by following our straightforward guide on sharps disposal. Let’s begin with the basics… What are sharps? “Sharps” […]