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Category: Waste Management

Waste Regulations for Pet Grooming Salons

waste regulations groomers

It can be difficult to find specific licenses that apply to pet grooming services. Waste Regulations sometimes seem generic, without going into the nitty-gritty of day-to-day grooming practices. So we’ve stepped in to save the day and detailed some of the must-know tips about pet grooming waste to help businesses stay compliant. What’s the deal? […]

Baler & Compactors: Reduce Your Waste Costs

baler compactor banner

Are waste costs driving your profit margins into the red? Are you spending too much time sorting through your cardboard and plastic recycling? There’s an easy solution to your woes. In this article we’ll discuss the differences between balers and compactors, giving you the full low-down on how these machines can take the hassle out […]

What’s Being Done To End Period Poverty?

Period Poverty Banner

Period Poverty is about more than cost. Women and girls all around the towns and cities we live in are finding themselves unable to afford essential sanitary products. In this article, we explore the changes being made to stamp down this issue and address this troubling problem that has no place in modern society.   […]

Waste Fines. Who To Trust?

waste management

Be aware of who you trust with disposing of your waste. It’s become more of a trend nowadays for social adverts on Facebook to claim low prices for taking away your unwanted rubbish build up. Trust can backfire if you put faith in unreputable sources, for one man in Wolverhampton, he has to pay costs […]

Let’s Stop Single-Use. Instead Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

catering recycling service

Single-Use. A term referring to products, often made of plastic that is used once then thrown away. The compilers at Collins Dictionary have announced it as the word of 2018. Coverage by the BBC program Planet Earth has shone a light on the understated understanding of environmental awareness. It’s fair to say that these throwaway […]

Watchdog: The Fight Against Fly Tipping

watchdog fly tipping

The dumping of illegal waste unfortunately still happens, scouring the UK Greenland and the backstreets of Britain. Unsuspecting business owners foot the bill, inadvertently paying good money only to be prosecuted alongside the criminals for these nefarious activities. Thankfully, more and more news coverage from broadcasters such as the BBC has shone a spotlight on […]

Fab Little Tampon Disposal

tampon disposal bags

Tampons aren’t for toilets. Before you go thinking no harm done, follow us on a wild ride to get down to the proverbial bottom of things. Why are people flushing instead of sticking it in a bin? As a male content writer, I delved deep into my feminine side and realised something. I had no […]