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5 Waste Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make

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Here at Direct365, we know about waste. A lot of the businesses that take waste collection services from us start out by asking us for advice. With over a decade of experience helping small businesses, we know the mistakes that businesses make over disposal of their waste. And it’s this reason we’ve brought this blog […]

How Your Small Business Can Celebrate Global Recycling Day

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The recycling rate in the U.K. is, all being well, due to hit 50% during the years 2022/23. And while there’s still a long way to go to get to a figure closer to 100%, this improvement is well timed. With more emphasis on doing their bit, domestic and commercial properties will need to continue […]

Sewage in the UK Seas – What is the Story?

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You might have seen on the news recently that there is a lot of talk of raw sewage being dumped in U.K rivers and seas. It’s a complex story that many people don’t quite understand. So we’re here to give you the low down on exactly what is going on. Where has this Sewage Story […]

Why Baby Changers are Important for Your Business.

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For any business that welcomes customers for a long period of time, washrooms are a must. Customer satisfaction would go through the floor if restaurants, entertainment or leisure venues didn’t provide washroom facilities for customers. And while these facilities are much needed, baby changing facilities are as much of a requirement as anything else you […]

The National Smell and Odour Complaints Report

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In the world of whiffs, there’s bad…and then there’s bad for your health. For some UK residents, the stench barometer might start at dog foul on pavements— a minor albeit unwelcoming inconvenience. But at the other end of the spectrum, cleaning chemicals, sewage plants, and commercial waste present more serious risks along with their naturally […]

Why Your Clinic Needs Confidential Waste Disposal

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At Direct365 we deal with medical clinics for many different types of waste. Our waste management team is the best out there, and while we are used to dealing with your medical waste, you might not be aware that there could be good reason to ensure that you have reliable medical confidential waste disposal. That’s […]

How Do You Dispose of Lateral Flow Test Kits?

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What are Lateral Flow Test Kits? “Lateral flow” or “rapid” test kits are a popular way for carrying out quick on-site tests that indicate whether COVID-19 antigens are present. You can get a result within 15 minutes without having to send the kit off to a lab. These kits are ideal for mass testing of […]

How to Dispose of Waste After a COVID-19 Case

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Waste disposal regulations can seem complicated enough without the added worry of COVID-19. Unfortunately, if your business does encounter symptoms of the virus, then you need to know how and where to dispose of your waste. That’s where Direct365’s easy guide comes in. Read on. How Should You Treat Waste That Has Encountered Someone with […]

Carbon Footprint: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

carbon footprint

It seems “carbon footprint” is a household term nowadays – but does everyone actually know what it means? In the simplest terms, your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the atmosphere through your behaviour and activities – so I have my own carbon footprint and you have your own carbon […]

The Benefits of Recycling Commercial Waste

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Recycling business waste is considered as good for both the environment and the economy – but why? Do You Understand the Reasons Behind Recycling’s Good Reputation? Getting to grips with the real benefits of this type of Waste Management will help your business to commit to recycling habits. Once you have the right justification, it […]