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A Salon Waste Disposal FAQ for Salon Owners

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When organising salon waste disposal and collection for customers, they come to us with a lot of questions. All of the legalities and technicalities can be difficult to get your head around. And as the small business experts, Direct365 are the best people to answer all of your salon waste questions. But for the most […]

Fire Safety Risk Assessment FAQ – What You Need to Know

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There are a lot of popularly searched-for terms from businesses and organisations unsure about how to do their fire risk assessment. Here at Direct365, we deal with customers every day that are looking for a competent provider to help ensure their premises are safe. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about fire […]

The Complete Guide To Defibrillators

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As a provider of essential business supplies, we get asked a lot about defibrillators. Whether they are worth footing the bill for, what do they do and more. To answer your question, here is our complete guide to defibrillators. After a few brief articles in the past giving snapshot guides on these devices, we give […]

Fire Safety for Businesses FAQ for 2022

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Fire safety for businesses is such an important part of workplace safety culture. For each business in a physical space with employees, there should be a focus on health and safety and fire hazards. Ensuring you have a strong fire risk assessment can be the difference between a safe workplace and an unsafe one. Here […]

First Aid in the Workplace in 2022

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Regardless of how risk averse we are in work, accidents can still happen. That’s why there is a responsibility at the door of all businesses that states they must protect their employees. But what do you need to do to satisfy rules and legislation? It may feel like a minefield, but we’ve set out a […]

Business Support – How to Start a Small Business

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Starting a small business is hard work. It’s often a struggle to know where to begin. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be incredibly rewarding. There are a few things that you need to do before you can start a business, from registering your business name to buying stock. That’s why […]

Sustainable Kitchen: How to Run a Green Food Business

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The word on everybody’s lips right now is sustainable. No industry can avoid the fact that business practices around the world are being scrutinised and pushed to become even greener than they already are. Catering and restaurant businesses are already being encouraged to become more eco-friendly with sustainable kitchen practices. And as the small business […]

Direct365’s Hand Dryer FAQ

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The goal here at Direct365 is to give you the best information to help you choose the best product for your business. Many potential customers have questions about hand dryers. As well as our hand dryer buying guide, we have also produced this FAQ to better inform your decisions when looking for a hand dryer. […]

Buying a Hand Dryer for a School Setting

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If you’re not familiar with the features of a hand dryer, then choosing the right one for your particular setting will be hard work. But Direct365 like to make it their business to help you make your decisions on your hygiene and business supplies purchases. From the outset, buying a hand dryer isn’t an easy […]

What to Consider when Servicing Your Defibrillator

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Over the last decade or two defibrillators have become more commonplace across towns and cities within the U.K. Small pieces of kit that enable the user to shock the patients’ heart back to health, defibrillators are lifesaving and still not as frequently found as they should be. Campaigns from such organisations as the Oliver King […]