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Sustainable Kitchen: How to Run a Green Food Business

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The word on everybody’s lips right now is sustainable. No industry can avoid the fact that business practices around the world are being scrutinised and pushed to become even greener than they already are. Catering and restaurant businesses are already being encouraged to become more eco-friendly with sustainable kitchen practices. And as the small business […]

Direct365’s Hand Dryer FAQ

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The goal here at Direct365 is to give you the best information to help you choose the best product for your business. Many potential customers have questions about hand dryers. As well as our hand dryer buying guide, we have also produced this FAQ to better inform your decisions when looking for a hand dryer. […]

Buying a Hand Dryer for a School Setting

title image for buying a hand dryer for a school setting blog

If you’re not familiar with the features of a hand dryer, then choosing the right one for your particular setting will be hard work. But Direct365 like to make it their business to help you make your decisions on your hygiene and business supplies purchases. From the outset, buying a hand dryer isn’t an easy […]

What to Consider when Servicing Your Defibrillator

blog title image for what to consider when servicing your defibrillator

Over the last decade or two defibrillators have become more commonplace across towns and cities within the U.K. Small pieces of kit that enable the user to shock the patients’ heart back to health, defibrillators are lifesaving and still not as frequently found as they should be. Campaigns from such organisations as the Oliver King […]

Top 10 Procedures and Practices of Nursery Hygiene

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Nurseries can be a hot bed of bugs and sickness. Children, as they should, muck about, play and man-handle anything and everything in their pursuit of making friends and acting their age. While this is all fun and games for the children, it leaves their minders and staff struggling to ensure they are keeping the […]

How to Practice COVID Caution this Christmas

COVID christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of a very unusual year! Christmas usually means bustling streets, festive markets, packed shops and fully-booked bars and restaurants – but 2020 clearly had something different planned. Still, whether COVID is around or not, it’s still Christmas time and your business is still likely to see changes in services and […]

How Can I Keep My Salon Clean and Safe?

Blog title with pink background and the image of a beauty salon

We get a lot of enquiries from people with Salon businesses, from “how should I dispose of hair?” to “what counts as hazardous waste?”. As compliance experts, it’s our job to help Salons across the UK to run a clean, safe and convenient workplace. That’s why we’ve put together an FAQ guide to help Salon […]