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Category: How To / FAQ Guides

#StaySafe – PPE Disposal


What is PPE? Personal protective equipment, otherwise known as PPE, refers to protective garments or gear designed to safeguard the wearer from injury or infection. PPE may be particularly specialist to a certain job role being carried out, but more generally it may include some of the following: Clothing – such as overcoats, disposable clothing […]

#StaySafe – CPR & Cross Contamination


CPR Has Changed As mentioned in our previous blog on First Aid Advice during COVID-19, officials are updating their guidance on First Aid and CPR protocols in light of the pandemic outbreak. This isn’t just relevant to First Aiders; all of the general public should be keeping an eye on these important updates to ensure […]

#StaySafe – Commercial Waste Management

waste management

Commercial Waste Management During COVID-19 In March 2020, the UN Environment Programme announced Waste Management an essential public service in the fight to beat COVID-19, stating: “Governments are urged to treat waste management, including of medical, household and other hazardous waste, as an urgent and essential public service in order to minimise possible secondary impacts […]

#StaySafe – Mental Health on Lockdown

mental health

It’s important to check in with your mental health, especially in unprecedented times. Being confined to the house has its ups and downs, but sometimes it’s easy to get hung up on the downs. At Direct365, we specialise in helping workplaces… however, now that workplaces are changing, let us help with your wellbeing (because, sometimes, […]

#StaySafe – Working From Home

working from home

During this unusual crisis, a lot of businesses are having to survive by working from home.  Business owners, managers and employees alike must make-do with makeshift work spaces to keep their company’s alive. It’s tough enough to be without the workplace resources you’re used to, but even tougher for those with inescapable domestic responsibilities – […]

#StaySafe – Face Mask Protection Against Viruses

face mask

Let’s Talk About Face Masks We all know what a face mask is, and chances are that we’ve all seen people wearing them (especially in today’s current climate). Their popularity during a pandemic is due to the believed protection that they offer, as studies show they decrease the amount of virus exposure. The main purpose […]

A Guide to Category B Waste

category b waste

What is Category B Waste? Category B Waste comes under the “Biological Substances” classification and includes “diagnostic specimens” – this refers to human or animal materials that are being transported only for the purpose of diagnosis or investigation. Materials that fall under Category B include excreta, blood (and its components), as well as other tissues […]

What To Look For In An Air Freshener


When choosing an air freshener, the first step to go for usually is the fragrance. You don’t want to enter a room with an unpleasant scent. Like a stuffy office room with no ventilation and the stale smell of a microwaved hotpot lunch fermenting the airflow. Your choice of air freshener should act as both […]